Yeah, The Rock is awesome. I’m loving him being back. I hope he sticks around after ‘Mania a bit.

Holy lord. How hilarious was Cole’s booth?! With his face and everything.

So, uh, I kind of forgot Alex Riley was fired. So I was EXTRA unsurprised by him coming in.

Daniel Bryan and Sheamus had a decent match. Bryan hit the ground hard at the end.

Haven’t seen Grand Master Sexay lately. Yeeeah. King pretty much gave him the business, though, didn’t he? Haha, I was entertained. But as all (two?) of you can probably imagine, I was quite excited to see JR! He looks like he’s doing pretty well. Except for the whole getting beat up thing. From his blogs and stuff I don’t think he really likes being involved in stories that require him to be in the ring like that, but he does okay.

I figured Punk vs. Orton would end up as a one-on-one match, and I’m glad it is. And so I guess Nexus is essentially gone, at least for a while. I think that’s probably quite a good thing.

Yeah, Vickie’s pretty much fit now. Good for her. She is also awesome and gets insane amounts of heat all the time. I guess that whole thing went a little better than I expected at least. Well, except maybe the part of Snookie being at WrestleMania. Although, I do admit, she annoyed me…not much at all, shockingly. And she got some air when she hit Layla.

Del Rio’s boots weren’t fully fastened and it was really distracting. Ha, Miz. Almost every time a wrestler impersonates another (I mean really goes for it) it entertains me. Remember when CM Punk came out as Jeff Hardy with the face paint and everything? That can be really good.

So, yeah. Not a terrible week, even pretty decent. Things are definitely ‘heating up’ with getting closer to WrestleMania.