Kofi and Sheamus had a good match. Maybe Kofi can get a belt again at some point here.

Interesting remix of Cody’s entrance music. I like it, it’s fitting.

Kelly Kelly is much more bearable to watch than she used to be. Play to their strengths!

Blah blah Corre…still impressed by Barrett being able to hold up the Big Show, though. Jeez.

Wow, DiBiase got some good height kicking ray out of the air. I liked how he managed to stop one of Rey’s twisting moves – he just caught him and it worked out quite nicely. I liked that match actually, they both did a really god job.

Big moves in the cage match. A lot of that was pretty impressive; I’ll say again how much I like Del Rio. You know what, that was a damn good match. It was fun to watch and had a good story going behind it.

Yeah, I’m glad the Bentley didn’t get smashed. That would be upsetting.