Yeah, I thought JR two weeks in a row was to good to be true.

Hm, I wonder if this DiBiase push will actually end up being a push after ‘Mania or if he’s just the sacrificial lamb of the week.

I know Sheamus is US Champion and all, but I find myself not caring. I think part of it is that he was on a losing streak and then just won the belt (why’d he even get a shot then?), and now he has the title…but nothing has changed in his attitude, wrestling, etc. Maybe he’s too static and quiet for my liking? I’m not sure. Nice work having Bourne hit that amazing shooting star press even with him losing.

Divas match was decent. Not really polished but I wouldn’t quite say it was sloppy, so that’s good. And yeah, the interruptions aren’t really helping their case though.

I’m just not entirely certain why nobody (refs, other Superstars) come to help Jerry Lawler. It’s not like these attacks are surprises. It would be more plausible if someone even pretended to try to take Swagger out (and hey, create a feud real easy right there).

I certainly wouldn’t mind more Ziggler vs. Morrison matches. Trish Stratus back in the ring sure didn’t suck, either. Vickie getting the pin was pretty priceless, though, gotta say.

Haha wait. I figured they’d have a new belt as soon as Miz didn’t come out with one and there was a covered something, but that’s actually pretty funny. It’s the exact same thing as before, but not! That’s pretty genius.

Next week is going to be spectacular. I’m pretty excited I’ll be there.