Sorry for the delay on this one.
I am way excited for RAW tomorrow! I’ll be there with a CM Punk sign, though I haven’t decided if a CM Punk shirt or Zack Ryder shirt will be making an appearance. haha
Speaking of which, not sure what kind of post I’ll be able to have. I’ll try to get one together during the week but it’s kind of a busy one, so we’ll see. I may or may not take a camera, but if I do I’ll post any pictures that turn out okay!

I’d like to read Josh Matthews’s notes sometime, just curious what they say. He seems pretty diligent about writing them.

Great first match. Both Punk and Mysterio threw some nice moves in, and it was an exciting and quickly-paced match. It was a match that either one could have feasibly one, which I like. And then…they ruined the end, haha. Although I guess since it’s almost ‘Mania time it’s a bit more unlikely for a match to end cleanly.
I have to say the same thing for the Edge vs. McIntyre match, minus the bad ending. Good match, fun to watch, and I like Edge using that submission.

They’re doing a pretty good job building up Undertaker vs. HHH with the video packages. Those don’t suck.

It looks like Rosa has been working pretty hard and now she can wrestle. That’s exciting.

Jeez, Heath Slater’s got another black…can’t even say eye, it’s half of his face. Damn I’d forgotten how good Barrett is, too. Another really great match, maybe my favorite even. I like that the Corre really didn’t end up doing too much, so while their presence wasn’t my favorite it ended up okay. That finisher was awesome, I watched it a few times and I’m still not exactly sure how they pulled it off so well. I’m a little bummed they took the belt off of Kofi, but I think Barrett’s pretty deserving.

With all this “die trying” talk from HHH and Undertaker, I really want them to use the Art of Dying song “Die Trying” as some theme. I mean…come on! It’s a good song though. (It’s also the free single of the week on iTunes right now.)

The thing that was okay about R-Truth being out there was seeing Michael Cole climb all over his booth. It entertains me.

Another awesome match for the main event. I’m impressed with the level of wrestling this week. The level of interference in this one was also pretty minimal which was good; the wrestlers have to tell the story in the ring by themselves to make it worth it. I enjoyed Christian using the chair when Edge couldn’t though, heh.