Good opening match, I liked it a lot. I also liked Edge using a submission move, something a little different!

Hm, Cody’s promo was pretty good. He sounded a little different for some reason.

It seems that Slater and Gabriel vs. Santino and Kozlov is the new Cryme Tyme vs. Hart Dynasty. Every week for 6 months haha. Good matches usually though. Santino and Slater seem underrated to me.

It’s odd when ‘Taker talks for a long time. But he’s awesome.

It looked like Kane really hammered Gabriel with that chair. Much like Booker, I have no idea what’s going on though.

Hahahaha Michael Cole running around the ring. He has lost his damn mind. It’s entertaining, though.

Edge was bleeding pretty good at the end there. Also…I never understand why the refs come out to stop the 3rd guy. Why wouldn’t they help Edge! But that’s how it works.

So, an okay SmackDown. Would’ve liked a little more wrestling and fewer recaps, but again, that’s the way things go.