April 2011

McIntyre cut a pretty good promo. Don’t hear him talk much, maybe that’ll change though. Hahaha, Riley didn’t even get a chance. Nice.

Cole’s pretty beat up. I think a lot of that is legitimate injury. Decent match with Sin Cara and Swagger.

Hm, the guy with Khali is from FCW. I’m interested to see if they’ll bring him back (I assume so).

I sort of like face Mark Henry better. He’s so jolly. We’ll see.

Loser leaves “WWE” I think for LayCool. Interesting. Finally.

The main event was good. I like the team of Christian and Orton, actually. And Del Rio really is good at this, too. I wasn’t sure about Brodus Clay at first but I think he’s doing pretty well.

The Draft! It really is pretty exciting. Sometimes things happen that don’t seem great but it usually makes for a night full of surprises and a lot of energy. Also, I wish they sold the brand shirts. I’ve wanted a SmackDown one for ages!

Ha, I like them showing all the wrestlers in the back reacting. I think sometimes they don’t actually know what’s going to happen, too (at least until that night).

Oh my lord. Michael Cole looks ridiculous in that booth with the throne and all the royal photos…that was awesome.

Oops. I think they tried to censor R-Truth saying “pissing me the hell off” but missed it…interesting. Some people can get away with breaking the TV-PG, but I’m not sure if he can (also I’m not sure how strict the language rules are). But they caught the second “pissed off.” I dunno. I guess he’s doing a decent job making people angry, but I didn’t love the promo. I didn’t feel anything special about it, and I wasn’t necessarily waiting to hear what he had to say next (and could predict what it was anyway).

YES. Finally, Kong must be here soon. Rather, Kharma. Which I like a lot actually. So far I’m quite impressed with how they’re introducing her!

I think maybe LayCool is finally done. Time to party.

Wow. Cena and then Mysterio. They’re not messing around tonight, are they. Also Zack Ryder fist pumping. If you have not watched his YouTube videos, you NEED to. The man is absolutely hilarious. He may not be on TV but he’s working his butt off to make himself heard. http://www.youtube.com/longislandicedz Do it!

And now Orton! Jeez. Haha wait, did he check the size on his shirt and then decide it wouldn’t fit? That was entertaining. Also he looks like he hasn’t shaved in a little while, but it kind of suits his bad guy side.

I’m not entirely sure what WWE is trying to gain by putting JR in matches and having this Cole stuff not just go on every week but drag on for a good portion of the show. Sure they’re building up the Extreme Rules match but I think we’re all pretty emotionally invested at this point; they’re almost overloading us (and taking Cole a little to far with the belt).

Scott Stanford! He’s a pretty funny guy, too (he appears frequently on Z! True Long Island Story with Zack Ryder). I think he does a good job with this stuff, though, and he really is a long time fan.

Ah still not used to Dolph Ziggler’s hair. It just confuses me to see him in the ring! Yay, a good Punk promo again.

Not a bad idea placing Sin Cara on a brand during the draft. Also makes quite a bit of sense to have him and Mysterio on separate shows.

Del Rio to RAW doesn’t surprise me a whole lot. That could go well.

I love Rev Theory, I’m glad they’re using this song.

You know, I had a feeling that Cena might get drafted back…but then I thought I remembered that that wasn’t allowed from a previous draft. Of course, even if that was correct, why wouldn’t the rules change?

Sorry there was no SmackDown post this past week. Haven’t had a chance to watch yet, it was a busy weekend!

I do think Rima is trying hard, this is just really hard stuff to do. Most of them have been wrestling at least 2 years I think, many of them longer than that.

Bringing Bret Hart in seems like a good choice.

Yikes, the agility challenge looks tough, too. I mean, I know that’s the point haha but still. Christina and Martin seemed to do well, as well as Luke again. It looked like no work at all for Jeremiah which I’m sure comes from his gymnastics background.

I’ve said it before, but getting hammered seems like a poor choice during all this stuff they have to do.

It seemed like Rima was trying really hard before but now she’s having problems. It’s probably tough for her since everybody else has more experience, but you have to try even harder then.

Luke is kind of starting to get on my nerves. But there has to be some less-likable character now that Mickael’s gone, right? (PS, If you “outshined Martin,” why did you lose.) Good for Martin for winning again. Two weeks in a row the trainers must be impressed.

Hm, Stone Cold has a good point. You can still end up a wrestler without winning Tough Enough. There are lots of them on the current roster right now. I do wonder who we’ll see later on.

First off, happy birthday to my mom!

Yay, JR again. I hesitate to say he’s back for good, but he sure has been around a lot! I just do not care to listen to RTruth. I’m just not interested. Also him talking over Morrison was annoying. If this is a Morrison heel turn, I can’t complain too much. He’s pretty funny when he’s a bad guy. I miss The Dirt Sheet with him and Miz! But, uh, did that whole promo seem a bit awkward to anyone else? Maybe partially because nobody reacted to Truth at all. Yeah, that was actually bad. Ouch.
The match itself, at least, wasn’t a disaster. Also I like Morrison being in the title shot much more than Truth (given his ‘future ability to compete’). I feel like I maybe should have seen that coming, haha. Well, Truth heel turn then. Good since apparently nobody liked him at the end of the promo anyway. Maybe CM Punk will come kick his ass next. I’d be good with that. I did enjoy the “that’s illegal” chant. And there goes 1/4 of RAW.

Draft next week! That is usually pretty darn exciting.

Yay Evan Bourne. Whoa. Dolph Ziggler. Did not expect that hair. I’m actually kinda bummed, I thought that look was pretty perfect for his character. Though I guess that changed, too? I dunno, it looks a little too Spirit Squad for me or something. He certainly doesn’t stand out as much. Weird. This will take getting used to. Uh, so, anyway, good match as I expected. But those guys need way more time!

Wow. That Edge video package was stellar.

Why is the number on Miz’s shirt 40? No, really, I’d like to know what I’m missing there. The tag match was pretty good. Not flawless, but hey, it happens.

Yeah, you don’t mess with the Queen. More cheap heat, but that was actually kind of entertaining. The foot thing with JR was a bit over the top.

I actually enjoyed the Sheamus vs. Santino match.

Please save this RAW, Punk and Orton. Thank you! Good match. The end was great. The DDT/GTS/RKO counters were so well done. Wasn’t Husky Harris in the Nexus, or did I miss something happening again? The run-in wasn’t my favorite but at least the match itself stayed clean. That’s a huge plus. Hm, Mason Ryan is really huge. Like, scarily so. That last RKO was pretty good, too. Yeah, without that match RAW would have been kind of disappointing.

Ha, a part of me is extra glad Ryan stayed because it pissed Mickael off.

That’s a crappy way to wake up. “The most workout I get is chasing 2 year olds around.” Uh…sorry, this isn’t the job for you. Luke looked good though.

I think that Eric does want this, but he doesn’t show it enough.

Stone Cold = major badass. And Big Show is awesome.

Hm, interesting. I guess good for Michelle for wanting to be there for her kid and for realizing what her true desire was. But I can’t lie and say I wanted her to stay ever, haha.

Good for Jeremiah! Not excited at first but he wanted to be good. That’s the spirit they need. Cheerleading isn’t easy though. A lot of guys are made fun of for it but at my college it was pretty respected…I mean, you do have to be strong to do all that stuff (plus you’re around girls all the time…do people not realize that part?).

Good for Rima to ask for extra help. She’s working hard but realizes she’s not the best at wrestling yet. That’s okay.

I’m obviously not expert but Mickael didn’t look great to me either. It almost seems like he think he can do this because he has muscles and an attitude.

This seemed like one of THE most important weeks they could ever have. Like they said, if you screw up, you get hurt.

Also, what is this building they’re in? I swear there are horse stalls down one aisle near the ring.

Maybe I’m biased, but I like Ryan’s promo a lot better than Mickael’s. Also the point about him saying he “has nothing to go back to” was good; that was not a good thing to say in my book. I’m glad he’s gone. He annoyed me and didn’t seem to care about wrestling enough.

Yeah, just end LayCool already. We’re all over it. And, Layla face turn perhaps?

Ah I’m so bummed about Edge leaving. But I’m glad he’ll be able to, you know, MOVE later in life. That is for sure a plus. Oh man. He is one of the best. And holy crap his mom was there. Moms are the best (well my mom is the best, but other moms are usually pretty great overall).

Haha Cole getting hit with the 619. That was quite good. I’m glad Christian won the battle royal. I’m not hugely surprised, but glad. That should be a really great match at the PPV.

I can’t handle all these wrestlers crying! It makes me sad, haha. That really was amazing, though. You can tell that everyone respects Edge so much.

Yess Dolph Ziggler’s new shirt. I’m not sure I’d wear that one (I’d feel slightly arrogant, haha) but I sure do like it. Oh dear lord. I was getting interested in how things were going until R-Truth came out. At least he didn’t rap. I am just sick of him.

Um…where did this “Edge ending his career” thing come from? I must have missed something. Or it’s WWE fabricating drama (which is their job…).

KONG. Holy crap I’m excited for her debut. Which seems to be very soon according to that pretty creepy doll vignette.

So. Brie Bella is the Divas champion. Can’t say I’m too pleased with that choice. I mean, she’s not a terrible wrestler, but…really? I’m not sure what that locker room thing was supposed to be all about, unless it’s some sort of lead up to Kong.

Haven’t sen Primo in a little bit. He’s been tagging with Zack Ryder recently. Seemed like a good match up though, pairing Primo with Sin Cara. Man, Sin is fun to watch. I thought Primo made really good use of his time in the ring though, too; he looked good. Hm, you know what? I wonder if the number of people Sin can work with is slightly limited right now. Primo can flip around great. I’m not sure that style would work really well with Cena or something (not a knock on Cena, there just is that more loose and flexible style). I could see Kofi having good matches with him; Bourne, Mysterio obviously, maybe Trent Baretta too. That’s not to say they NEED to have that style to work a good match with Sin Cara, but it creates one hell of a show and certainly shows Sin off really well. And yeah, that finisher? Freaking spectacular.

Dissension in the ranks of the Corre! No way! That was never bound to happen! Haaa Santino, The Apple. That was pretty great. And once again Heath Slater is sort of a crash test dummy, but that’s okay.

I’m so glad JR is around again. It was a bummer when they took him off air. Look at him go! He needs to clock Cole. And so does Lawler. Then things would be grand. Ha, Swagger’s face after the match was priceless. And JR sure did shut Cole up quick, didn’t he. Ah, I see King’s plan here. For JR’s sake I kind of hope he doesn’t really have to ‘wrestle’; he’s not a huge fan of that.

Funny story. The other day I went to a talk with the author of a book and he was reading the reviews on the back…the first line of one was, “This is vintage Anderson.” I had to try hard not to snicker.

You know, a lot of people DO think the WWE doesn’t hurt. Wrong. But anyway, Edge’s speech made me kind of sad. It definitely seems like there’s a hint of truth in what he’s saying. But he can’t just be GONE just like that, right? I mean, it’s the WWE so I can’t immediately believe it, but it kinda seems like he really is retiring. Thoughts?

So, four people at one announce table is a little crowded. Oh hey the Nexus healed quick. I was pulling for Ziggler so I was disappointed. But hey, it happens. Miz said he passed his IMPACT test. I’m so glad they use those (it’s a concussion safety thing to judge how people were affected cognitively). Okay where is this insane R-Truth push coming from? He hasn’t really wrestled recently and he’s not only in the WWE title contender match, but he’s beating people and putting up a hell of a fight against Cena, and then he IS in the title match. Wha? Well, I guess it is after WrestleMania so things have to start changing or something. Cena heel turn! I’m calling it now!!! Haha, just kidding. I don’t think so.

I like that the men and women are training together.

The trainers are definitely kicking the contestants’ asses, but for the most part it seems like they do want to help. It’s fun to watch their methods.

“Sometimes taking the hit is easier than worrying about taking the hit.” That’s pretty damn true.

It seems very difficult to to run in those huge suits. But it’s sure fun to watch.

Yo, that challenge with Bill DeMott charging is more than a little scary, haha. They all seemed to do a good job with it though, and it looks like they’re all taking bumps pretty well too.

Yeah I’m still pretty annoyed with Mickael. I like that the focus does seem to be on the challenges and wrestling and not the drama in the house, though. I mean, it’s a reality show and they have to put some of that in, but it seems like there’s not so much that it’s the focus.

Uh, I wouldn’t tell DeMott to shove anything up his ass. Scary. Way too scary.

Whoa. Did not expect Matt to go home. I was surprised, but I guess I understand why. What seemed to bother them most was that he IS good and he IS experienced but didn’t go out and grab it. Sure, Rima isn’t the best so far, but they don’t expect it and she’s trying hard.
I did enjoy Stone Cold’s little tirade at the end, though. That was cool to see.

Hey everyone, sorry about this lack of post. Weekend ended up being much busier than I expected!

I thought SmackDown was pretty good overall. A 2 out of 3 falls tag match is an interesting concept, and it was going well…until the stupid Corre ambush. I mean, really? Come on. Santino’s cobra/chokeslam was great.

Good to see Beth Phoenix back, even in a short match. And I have to say that Kelly Kelly actually looked like a wrestler. Good for her. She’s obviously been working hard. Now just to get rid of LayCool.

That’s really all for this week I guess. Again, my apologies. I’m excited for Tough Enough and RAW tomorrow!

Something tells me the contestants weren’t actually upset with breaking down the ring…most of them probably do that all the time, anyway honestly haha. Of course it’s hard work though.

That kinda short bald built guy is obnoxious. Mikael or whatever. I wouldn’t say anything to the women about their “booties” until you know them. Poor choice.

“Your name’s Donny Osmond.” “Okay.” Good answer.

I’m not sure “partying” is the best choice when they’re going to beat the hell out of you every day.

Hm…I don’t know how long I ran the ropes, but I’m quite certain it was not close to 3 minutes. That sounds tough. You do have to put your weight into them and hit them right, along with getting 4 steps in and stuff. I honestly sort of don’t blame Rima for using padding. Hitting the ropes is surprisingly painful. That’s where I got my best bruises, though! But at the same time, don’t do that, it’s Tough Enough.

I like hearing the trainers reviewing the day. No real surprises but those are all wrestlers that I respect so it’s good to hear from them.

It’s interesting to me that some of these people aren’t in great shape. I don’t know how you physically wrestle and not be in shape. It’s hard.

So, my meaningless advice. Don’t make excuses. Show that you can do better. I would’ve asked to run the ropes over again there.

Uh, yeah. This is pretty intense. I’d piss my pants if The Rock just showed up. Because look who you’er already with. Legends and really talented, intimidating people. Yikes. But pretty badass. I like it!!

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