JR! Didn’t expect that voice to be the first thing I heard. Man I bet HHH is sore after that match.
Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the Hall of Fame ceremony before RAW. I think they put it online, and if so I’ll probably try to catch it. I know last year they cut SO much out from the ceremony and it was kind of disappointing to see it on TV.

Hahaha Cole keeps coming up with the most ridiculous crap. Seriously, how good is he at his job?! And the way he was awkwardly prancing around the ring last night…brilliant. He obviously isn’t afraid to make himself look like an idiot, and I appreciate that. Cole looks a little beat up, too…I bet he’s in some pain, too, since he’s not real used to this. Don’t throw things at JR, that’s just not nice. And a waste of some good BBQ sauce.

Orton and Punk had a great match last night, it was one of my favorites. Why hasn’t Cody taken that damn mask off yet? It was pulled off last night so be done with it please. Don’t get me wrong, I like his new gimmick and I think it could do really well. But I can only suspend my disbelief so much and the “reconstructive surgery” was a little too much for me. And now I know he’s just wearing the mask to be a jerk, but I’m over it. It was a good match. But I think there’s sort of a feeling that there should be some sort of closure of the feuds after WrestleMania, so I wasn’t emotionally invested in this match much.

Tough Enough! I’m excited for this. Ryan Howe has wrestled in POWW, as has the blonde Puerto Rican woman who goes by Juliet in the ring. I did enjoy the “stun them all” chant though, haha. And I think Christina Crawford is Alicia Fox’s sister. Also I’ve seen that Michelle on another show and I’m not a huge fan. But I’ll save the rest of this for the Tough Enough post that will come after! I think a separate one is warranted, at least for tonight. Then we’ll see.

Hey, Stone Cold missed a beer last night. It wasn’t really his fault though, it was overthrown. Still entertaining. Oh man all that beer. That has to be a sticky, smelly mess. Gross.

Maybe now that ‘Mania’s over Evan Bourne can get a nice push! I know I’ve said it a million times but he is so fun to watch.

Mixed tag match was pretty good. Vickie, too, is good at playing incompetent when I’m sure she’s better than what we’re seeing; but that’s the art!

Sucks that the US Title match got pushed from WrestleMania. Pretty good match. And hello, Sin Cara! That’ll be good stuff, kids.

Sooo The Rock and Cena were awesome. WrestleMania 28. Spectacular. Let’s gooo haha. But really, the Corre? C’mon. Poor Heath Slater is just getting destroyed lately.