Something tells me the contestants weren’t actually upset with breaking down the ring…most of them probably do that all the time, anyway honestly haha. Of course it’s hard work though.

That kinda short bald built guy is obnoxious. Mikael or whatever. I wouldn’t say anything to the women about their “booties” until you know them. Poor choice.

“Your name’s Donny Osmond.” “Okay.” Good answer.

I’m not sure “partying” is the best choice when they’re going to beat the hell out of you every day.

Hm…I don’t know how long I ran the ropes, but I’m quite certain it was not close to 3 minutes. That sounds tough. You do have to put your weight into them and hit them right, along with getting 4 steps in and stuff. I honestly sort of don’t blame Rima for using padding. Hitting the ropes is surprisingly painful. That’s where I got my best bruises, though! But at the same time, don’t do that, it’s Tough Enough.

I like hearing the trainers reviewing the day. No real surprises but those are all wrestlers that I respect so it’s good to hear from them.

It’s interesting to me that some of these people aren’t in great shape. I don’t know how you physically wrestle and not be in shape. It’s hard.

So, my meaningless advice. Don’t make excuses. Show that you can do better. I would’ve asked to run the ropes over again there.

Uh, yeah. This is pretty intense. I’d piss my pants if The Rock just showed up. Because look who you’er already with. Legends and really talented, intimidating people. Yikes. But pretty badass. I like it!!