Yess Dolph Ziggler’s new shirt. I’m not sure I’d wear that one (I’d feel slightly arrogant, haha) but I sure do like it. Oh dear lord. I was getting interested in how things were going until R-Truth came out. At least he didn’t rap. I am just sick of him.

Um…where did this “Edge ending his career” thing come from? I must have missed something. Or it’s WWE fabricating drama (which is their job…).

KONG. Holy crap I’m excited for her debut. Which seems to be very soon according to that pretty creepy doll vignette.

So. Brie Bella is the Divas champion. Can’t say I’m too pleased with that choice. I mean, she’s not a terrible wrestler, but…really? I’m not sure what that locker room thing was supposed to be all about, unless it’s some sort of lead up to Kong.

Haven’t sen Primo in a little bit. He’s been tagging with Zack Ryder recently. Seemed like a good match up though, pairing Primo with Sin Cara. Man, Sin is fun to watch. I thought Primo made really good use of his time in the ring though, too; he looked good. Hm, you know what? I wonder if the number of people Sin can work with is slightly limited right now. Primo can flip around great. I’m not sure that style would work really well with Cena or something (not a knock on Cena, there just is that more loose and flexible style). I could see Kofi having good matches with him; Bourne, Mysterio obviously, maybe Trent Baretta too. That’s not to say they NEED to have that style to work a good match with Sin Cara, but it creates one hell of a show and certainly shows Sin off really well. And yeah, that finisher? Freaking spectacular.

Dissension in the ranks of the Corre! No way! That was never bound to happen! Haaa Santino, The Apple. That was pretty great. And once again Heath Slater is sort of a crash test dummy, but that’s okay.

I’m so glad JR is around again. It was a bummer when they took him off air. Look at him go! He needs to clock Cole. And so does Lawler. Then things would be grand. Ha, Swagger’s face after the match was priceless. And JR sure did shut Cole up quick, didn’t he. Ah, I see King’s plan here. For JR’s sake I kind of hope he doesn’t really have to ‘wrestle’; he’s not a huge fan of that.

Funny story. The other day I went to a talk with the author of a book and he was reading the reviews on the back…the first line of one was, “This is vintage Anderson.” I had to try hard not to snicker.

You know, a lot of people DO think the WWE doesn’t hurt. Wrong. But anyway, Edge’s speech made me kind of sad. It definitely seems like there’s a hint of truth in what he’s saying. But he can’t just be GONE just like that, right? I mean, it’s the WWE so I can’t immediately believe it, but it kinda seems like he really is retiring. Thoughts?

So, four people at one announce table is a little crowded. Oh hey the Nexus healed quick. I was pulling for Ziggler so I was disappointed. But hey, it happens. Miz said he passed his IMPACT test. I’m so glad they use those (it’s a concussion safety thing to judge how people were affected cognitively). Okay where is this insane R-Truth push coming from? He hasn’t really wrestled recently and he’s not only in the WWE title contender match, but he’s beating people and putting up a hell of a fight against Cena, and then he IS in the title match. Wha? Well, I guess it is after WrestleMania so things have to start changing or something. Cena heel turn! I’m calling it now!!! Haha, just kidding. I don’t think so.