I like that the men and women are training together.

The trainers are definitely kicking the contestants’ asses, but for the most part it seems like they do want to help. It’s fun to watch their methods.

“Sometimes taking the hit is easier than worrying about taking the hit.” That’s pretty damn true.

It seems very difficult to to run in those huge suits. But it’s sure fun to watch.

Yo, that challenge with Bill DeMott charging is more than a little scary, haha. They all seemed to do a good job with it though, and it looks like they’re all taking bumps pretty well too.

Yeah I’m still pretty annoyed with Mickael. I like that the focus does seem to be on the challenges and wrestling and not the drama in the house, though. I mean, it’s a reality show and they have to put some of that in, but it seems like there’s not so much that it’s the focus.

Uh, I wouldn’t tell DeMott to shove anything up his ass. Scary. Way too scary.

Whoa. Did not expect Matt to go home. I was surprised, but I guess I understand why. What seemed to bother them most was that he IS good and he IS experienced but didn’t go out and grab it. Sure, Rima isn’t the best so far, but they don’t expect it and she’s trying hard.
I did enjoy Stone Cold’s little tirade at the end, though. That was cool to see.