First off, happy birthday to my mom!

Yay, JR again. I hesitate to say he’s back for good, but he sure has been around a lot! I just do not care to listen to RTruth. I’m just not interested. Also him talking over Morrison was annoying. If this is a Morrison heel turn, I can’t complain too much. He’s pretty funny when he’s a bad guy. I miss The Dirt Sheet with him and Miz! But, uh, did that whole promo seem a bit awkward to anyone else? Maybe partially because nobody reacted to Truth at all. Yeah, that was actually bad. Ouch.
The match itself, at least, wasn’t a disaster. Also I like Morrison being in the title shot much more than Truth (given his ‘future ability to compete’). I feel like I maybe should have seen that coming, haha. Well, Truth heel turn then. Good since apparently nobody liked him at the end of the promo anyway. Maybe CM Punk will come kick his ass next. I’d be good with that. I did enjoy the “that’s illegal” chant. And there goes 1/4 of RAW.

Draft next week! That is usually pretty darn exciting.

Yay Evan Bourne. Whoa. Dolph Ziggler. Did not expect that hair. I’m actually kinda bummed, I thought that look was pretty perfect for his character. Though I guess that changed, too? I dunno, it looks a little too Spirit Squad for me or something. He certainly doesn’t stand out as much. Weird. This will take getting used to. Uh, so, anyway, good match as I expected. But those guys need way more time!

Wow. That Edge video package was stellar.

Why is the number on Miz’s shirt 40? No, really, I’d like to know what I’m missing there. The tag match was pretty good. Not flawless, but hey, it happens.

Yeah, you don’t mess with the Queen. More cheap heat, but that was actually kind of entertaining. The foot thing with JR was a bit over the top.

I actually enjoyed the Sheamus vs. Santino match.

Please save this RAW, Punk and Orton. Thank you! Good match. The end was great. The DDT/GTS/RKO counters were so well done. Wasn’t Husky Harris in the Nexus, or did I miss something happening again? The run-in wasn’t my favorite but at least the match itself stayed clean. That’s a huge plus. Hm, Mason Ryan is really huge. Like, scarily so. That last RKO was pretty good, too. Yeah, without that match RAW would have been kind of disappointing.