Ha, a part of me is extra glad Ryan stayed because it pissed Mickael off.

That’s a crappy way to wake up. “The most workout I get is chasing 2 year olds around.” Uh…sorry, this isn’t the job for you. Luke looked good though.

I think that Eric does want this, but he doesn’t show it enough.

Stone Cold = major badass. And Big Show is awesome.

Hm, interesting. I guess good for Michelle for wanting to be there for her kid and for realizing what her true desire was. But I can’t lie and say I wanted her to stay ever, haha.

Good for Jeremiah! Not excited at first but he wanted to be good. That’s the spirit they need. Cheerleading isn’t easy though. A lot of guys are made fun of for it but at my college it was pretty respected…I mean, you do have to be strong to do all that stuff (plus you’re around girls all the time…do people not realize that part?).

Good for Rima to ask for extra help. She’s working hard but realizes she’s not the best at wrestling yet. That’s okay.

I’m obviously not expert but Mickael didn’t look great to me either. It almost seems like he think he can do this because he has muscles and an attitude.

This seemed like one of THE most important weeks they could ever have. Like they said, if you screw up, you get hurt.

Also, what is this building they’re in? I swear there are horse stalls down one aisle near the ring.

Maybe I’m biased, but I like Ryan’s promo a lot better than Mickael’s. Also the point about him saying he “has nothing to go back to” was good; that was not a good thing to say in my book. I’m glad he’s gone. He annoyed me and didn’t seem to care about wrestling enough.