The Draft! It really is pretty exciting. Sometimes things happen that don’t seem great but it usually makes for a night full of surprises and a lot of energy. Also, I wish they sold the brand shirts. I’ve wanted a SmackDown one for ages!

Ha, I like them showing all the wrestlers in the back reacting. I think sometimes they don’t actually know what’s going to happen, too (at least until that night).

Oh my lord. Michael Cole looks ridiculous in that booth with the throne and all the royal photos…that was awesome.

Oops. I think they tried to censor R-Truth saying “pissing me the hell off” but missed it…interesting. Some people can get away with breaking the TV-PG, but I’m not sure if he can (also I’m not sure how strict the language rules are). But they caught the second “pissed off.” I dunno. I guess he’s doing a decent job making people angry, but I didn’t love the promo. I didn’t feel anything special about it, and I wasn’t necessarily waiting to hear what he had to say next (and could predict what it was anyway).

YES. Finally, Kong must be here soon. Rather, Kharma. Which I like a lot actually. So far I’m quite impressed with how they’re introducing her!

I think maybe LayCool is finally done. Time to party.

Wow. Cena and then Mysterio. They’re not messing around tonight, are they. Also Zack Ryder fist pumping. If you have not watched his YouTube videos, you NEED to. The man is absolutely hilarious. He may not be on TV but he’s working his butt off to make himself heard. Do it!

And now Orton! Jeez. Haha wait, did he check the size on his shirt and then decide it wouldn’t fit? That was entertaining. Also he looks like he hasn’t shaved in a little while, but it kind of suits his bad guy side.

I’m not entirely sure what WWE is trying to gain by putting JR in matches and having this Cole stuff not just go on every week but drag on for a good portion of the show. Sure they’re building up the Extreme Rules match but I think we’re all pretty emotionally invested at this point; they’re almost overloading us (and taking Cole a little to far with the belt).

Scott Stanford! He’s a pretty funny guy, too (he appears frequently on Z! True Long Island Story with Zack Ryder). I think he does a good job with this stuff, though, and he really is a long time fan.

Ah still not used to Dolph Ziggler’s hair. It just confuses me to see him in the ring! Yay, a good Punk promo again.

Not a bad idea placing Sin Cara on a brand during the draft. Also makes quite a bit of sense to have him and Mysterio on separate shows.

Del Rio to RAW doesn’t surprise me a whole lot. That could go well.

I love Rev Theory, I’m glad they’re using this song.

You know, I had a feeling that Cena might get drafted back…but then I thought I remembered that that wasn’t allowed from a previous draft. Of course, even if that was correct, why wouldn’t the rules change?