Sorry there was no SmackDown post this past week. Haven’t had a chance to watch yet, it was a busy weekend!

I do think Rima is trying hard, this is just really hard stuff to do. Most of them have been wrestling at least 2 years I think, many of them longer than that.

Bringing Bret Hart in seems like a good choice.

Yikes, the agility challenge looks tough, too. I mean, I know that’s the point haha but still. Christina and Martin seemed to do well, as well as Luke again. It looked like no work at all for Jeremiah which I’m sure comes from his gymnastics background.

I’ve said it before, but getting hammered seems like a poor choice during all this stuff they have to do.

It seemed like Rima was trying really hard before but now she’s having problems. It’s probably tough for her since everybody else has more experience, but you have to try even harder then.

Luke is kind of starting to get on my nerves. But there has to be some less-likable character now that Mickael’s gone, right? (PS, If you “outshined Martin,” why did you lose.) Good for Martin for winning again. Two weeks in a row the trainers must be impressed.

Hm, Stone Cold has a good point. You can still end up a wrestler without winning Tough Enough. There are lots of them on the current roster right now. I do wonder who we’ll see later on.