May 2011

Okay, I wasn’t planning on making a post about RAW because I was just going to watch pieces of it pretty quickly but things kept popping up that I wanted to talk about.

Did you notice how many people were laughing at R-Truth? Sure, sometimes things make me chuckle that shouldn’t, but there were a lot of fans there laughing. He’s supposed to be crazy and scary, not comical. Now, I’m not saying people are wrong to laugh. I’m restating my view that the “new” R-Truth is kind of failing.

I am glad Ziggler bleached his hair back. It just wasn’t right the other way.

Oh, looks like I missed Alex Riley freakin’ out. I thought that had to be coming soon. Jeez, he destroyed the Miz (and his shirt). I like his new entrance music. No easier face turn than beating up Cole. But I do think Riley did a good job with all of that. (Really, what brand are those shirts Miz wears? I need to know never to get one. I fear a sneeze will tear it to shreds. I’ve seen wrestlers nice clothes torn, but not quite like this hahaha.)

I loved CM Punk’s yellow and pink last week. So bummed about Macho Man.

Interesting that they had Kharma cut a promo like she did. It really seemed like it was all truth with no writers. But you could tell the audience has a lot of respect for her, and that’s cool. Sucks that she’s going to be gone though, I was SO happy she was finally here. But so far, too, I like her working as a face.

Okay, thought the fake Obama press conference would be lame, but that was funny.

And finally, I appreciate what WWE does to honor the troops. It’s not done enough. I know that’s not something I could be or do.

Hey, everyone. Sorry about the lack of SmackDown post again. I’m actually going out of town for a week tomorrow, and I’ll only be home for a few days before I leave again. So…consider this summer vacation I guess, haha.

Riley didn’t do a bad job with his promo. Cena’s right, Miz has gone from laughingstock to WWE champion, and it’s pretty impressive. That doesn’t happen for all the guys. He’s improved so much.

Cole’s iPad is entertaining. It’s the original version in some kind of crazy case. As was pointed out to me, is the typical GM laptop just not portable enough? haha. It’s okay. iPads are pretty awesome.

Oh, man. How’d we get lucky enough to have a Punk vs. Kofi match?? That’s at least some sort of redemption for the below average past couple weeks.

People already seem really excited when Kharma comes out. To me that’s a great sign! I’m not sure if that flick on the forehead was a one-time pass or a sign of Kharma the face…but I think that’s the point! I’m still so happy to watch her.

It’s odd to me that I almost want to see the new movie with Orton in it. It seems like it might be a little bit…compelling.

And just when I have an inkling of hope that, even though R-Truth appeared (though didn’t talk much!), this RAW was getting better, they have a contract signing. For my least favorite storyline in a while that is being waaay dragged out. Bleh. Oh but of course they did not stop there. Though it ended up being less terrible than I expected.

Interesting. TNA (or, uh, Impact Wrestling?) ran a commercial about how they’re a “wrestling” company and not just entertainment. My guess (and I’d put money on this haha) is that this is a response to the WWE officially calling themselves only “WWE” and not “World Wrestling Entertainment” because they are more or less getting away from the word “wrestling” and more into sports entertainment.

Ha, Scott Stanford looks so little next to Kane and the Big Show! That guy’s hilarious though. Zack Ryder! How are they not pushing a guy Cena likes so much! haha

Heh, I enjoyed King yelling, “Shut up, Cole” all night.

Sorry there was no SmackDown post. Haven’t watched it yet.

Can I just say again how much I’d love to live in that house? It’s so beautiful.

Wow, I hope Luke never has a girlfriend. Saying “promises” and keeping them are dumb. Some people do have responsibilities. I think it’s cool that Andy is focusing on the competition and not like, getting smashed every night.

Ah, bummer about Martin getting hurt. I’m beginning to like him, he seems to have talent and likes wrestling. Aw, that was a nice touch for Stone Cold to let him put his own belt up.

Okay, with all the shots of the horse stalls, they really need to make these guys ride horses. It’d be awesome.

Oh noooo, not another injury. That sucks.

Oops, I forgot to listen to Rey. I think I got the gist of it. Oh no, I missed part of the Miz talking, too. What’s happening! I almost accidentally muted the TV when R-Truth came out…someone help me! (Maybe…Kharma. That’d do it.)

John Morrison did have neck surgery today. Seems like everything went well and he’ll be recovering for a few weeks, but it’s not too serious (as far as neck injuries go). He’s Tweeting and stuff already.

Wow, I am SO NOT into R-Truth. Mysterio using his lines was good, though.

Oh, dear. I’d actually forgotten Brie is the Divas Champ. That’s not a great sign. Eve attacked Kharma…not so smart. But then again, she did go to USC. (Sorry. My allegiance lies with Notre Dame, and that was just too easy.) Basically I think they still don’t know if Kharma should be a heel or face, but I’m okay with the uncertainty. I’m just so excited she’s here!

Okay, I honestly am doing work tonight so I’m missing part of this (not just because I don’t care, though sometimes that’s a factor!). Mason Ryan seemed to hold up pretty well against Kane, though, until the inevitable Nexus ambush.

Obviously drafting Alex Riley to SmackDown meant a whole lot.

Hopefully this WILL be Cole’s last match. Everybody’s sick of it. If King loses…I’m gonna have major issues. Cole’s face was hilarious though.

Seemed like the Triple Threat went pretty well.

Christina keeps making comments about her and Ivelisse hating each other, though she seems to hate Ivelisse more than the other way around, haha.

Ropes courses are SO fun. They can be challenging though. Man, now I really want to go climb!

Yikes, that skills challenge (once again) looks intense. Luke saying Eric should quit is dumb. It’s admirable that he’s still trying. Trying is more important than succeeding sometimes. I’m not saying you can be bad and win, but you have to put in effort.

I really like Jeremiah’s work ethic and spirit. Andy seems pretty competent and is starting to really show he cares.

Bummer. I like Ivelisse, she’s good at what she does. Sucks that she got hurt because I think she could have gone farther. I can’t say I didn’t expect Eric to be sent home. I think maybe if his conditioning was better he’d be doing pretty well. That’s easier said than done, of course. AJ definitely better step up.

Aw man, it’s so exciting that Christian won the world heavyweight championship. Seriously, how hard has that guy worked?

I…don’t love Teddy Long. I dunno why. I feel like I always want him to just get it over with.

I enjoyed the Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan match. I also thought Cody Rhodes bringing out all of those paper bags was brilliant.

I’m not entirely sure why they didn’t at least change Layla’s song back to her old one (I can’t really remember it, but having McCool’s song is…not great). If it was anyone but Kharma, I might be annoyed that she’s coming in after every match. At least they’re letting the matches finish, too. But she’s amazing.

Oh no! Dissension in the ranks of the Corre! …Who cares. I didn’t want them to KILL him though…haha.

Man, how does Sin Cara do that entrance? I know horses who can’t jump that high. That finisher is also way badass. I wonder if they’re limited by who else can do that with him…though most wrestlers can hopefully execute a forward flip decently. Still, though, there’s a lot of risk involved there. It was good to see Tyson Kidd back, I like him a lot. And he put on a good match with Cara. A feud with Chavo could be fun.

The main event was pretty good. I was pretty bummed that Christian lost the belt, though. If I hadn’t accidentally read a spoiler that Orton won (there is a huge uproar on the internet about this, seriously) I would’ve expected Christian to retain. I’m sure the two will have at least one more match. I wonder if one of them will turn heel.

I was wondering if they’d do something America-related. Always nice to see Lilian back.

Happy birthday to The Rock. Certainly nice to see him around, too! Hm…I want birthday cake.

Wait, why couldn’t The Rock have led the Pledge of Allegiance at my schools all those years! Anyway. Pretty great picture of him in high school. I love what he can get away with saying, though, it cracks me up. Ah, Cole with the Celts jersey. I knew somebody had to do it, nobody better than him! And then a guy sang.

Poor JR and his super busted hand. I’m not upset I didn’t watch the match last night, but I’m annoyed with the outcome.

YES. I was hoping the point of that Divas match was for Kharma to come out. She debuted at the PPV last night by kicking McCool’s ass and now finally she is on TV! Man, I remember the first time I saw Kharma (then Kong, of course) on TV. I was pretty much terrified but soon came to appreciate how awesome she is. Interesting that she’s now attacked two of the heels but is still being portrayed as a heel.

You know who’s good at his job? Justin Roberts.

Hm…I no longer feel emotionally invested in the WWE championship. This happens sometimes.

I feel like if I’d been at a wresting event and Cena said what he did…I’d be really confused.

So glad Kofi has a belt again. I love that guy. Same goes for Christian, he totally deserves it.

Kane seems like a guy who works really hard and helps other guys out and does what he is asked. I don’t know why I get that impression, but I do. Damn, Mason Ryan is a beast.

I was hoping that when the last match was over RAW would end…if that’s any indication of the quality. The second hour was better. It really wasn’t terrible I guess, just a lot of random stuff (not wrestling) put together. But that birthday video package was really super cool. And I get the impression Rock didn’t really know it was happening, haha. The balloons and confetti looked really fun, too.

I still like that the women are competing with the men, but I sort of wonder if it makes sense. The standards for Divas and Superstars in the WWE are pretty different so…I don’t know.

I like to see all of the wrestlers encouraging each other. I know when I had my day in the ring (literally one day, yes haha) and I was having trouble, it was nice to have people (who know what they’re doing!) cheering you on and saying they believe in you.

Ha, Ryan’s shirt was pretty entertaining. Almost as good as Stone Cold’s reaction to it. I guess if I had to choose I’d roll my eyes at Booker before Bill…but I’d prefer neither, haha.

This week seemed interesting. A lot of people seemed like they were having problems. Fatigue maybe? Martin is still hanging on to the top, though. He seems like he’s trying hard and doing well, and that he has talent. And no, Luke, 98 isn’t good enough if someone else hasn’t dropped below that 100. They want the best. It seems like them getting rid of Matt so early, who was really good but didn’t shine, would’ve proven what you need to do.

“Are you arrogant or are you just an asshole?” Stone Cold doesn’t take crap from anybody. Ha, I was hoping he’d comment on what Luke was wearing. Can I be Stone Cold’s best friend for a day please.

Damn, I was hoping Ryan would be able to work hard and impress them, mostly because I saw him wrestle locally and thought he did a great job. Maybe a bit over the top, but I think he can keep working and get farther.

Ropes course next week, huh? I LOVE those.