I was wondering if they’d do something America-related. Always nice to see Lilian back.

Happy birthday to The Rock. Certainly nice to see him around, too! Hm…I want birthday cake.

Wait, why couldn’t The Rock have led the Pledge of Allegiance at my schools all those years! Anyway. Pretty great picture of him in high school. I love what he can get away with saying, though, it cracks me up. Ah, Cole with the Celts jersey. I knew somebody had to do it, nobody better than him! And then a guy sang.

Poor JR and his super busted hand. I’m not upset I didn’t watch the match last night, but I’m annoyed with the outcome.

YES. I was hoping the point of that Divas match was for Kharma to come out. She debuted at the PPV last night by kicking McCool’s ass and now finally she is on TV! Man, I remember the first time I saw Kharma (then Kong, of course) on TV. I was pretty much terrified but soon came to appreciate how awesome she is. Interesting that she’s now attacked two of the heels but is still being portrayed as a heel.

You know who’s good at his job? Justin Roberts.

Hm…I no longer feel emotionally invested in the WWE championship. This happens sometimes.

I feel like if I’d been at a wresting event and Cena said what he did…I’d be really confused.

So glad Kofi has a belt again. I love that guy. Same goes for Christian, he totally deserves it.

Kane seems like a guy who works really hard and helps other guys out and does what he is asked. I don’t know why I get that impression, but I do. Damn, Mason Ryan is a beast.

I was hoping that when the last match was over RAW would end…if that’s any indication of the quality. The second hour was better. It really wasn’t terrible I guess, just a lot of random stuff (not wrestling) put together. But that birthday video package was really super cool. And I get the impression Rock didn’t really know it was happening, haha. The balloons and confetti looked really fun, too.