I still like that the women are competing with the men, but I sort of wonder if it makes sense. The standards for Divas and Superstars in the WWE are pretty different so…I don’t know.

I like to see all of the wrestlers encouraging each other. I know when I had my day in the ring (literally one day, yes haha) and I was having trouble, it was nice to have people (who know what they’re doing!) cheering you on and saying they believe in you.

Ha, Ryan’s shirt was pretty entertaining. Almost as good as Stone Cold’s reaction to it. I guess if I had to choose I’d roll my eyes at Booker before Bill…but I’d prefer neither, haha.

This week seemed interesting. A lot of people seemed like they were having problems. Fatigue maybe? Martin is still hanging on to the top, though. He seems like he’s trying hard and doing well, and that he has talent. And no, Luke, 98 isn’t good enough if someone else hasn’t dropped below that 100. They want the best. It seems like them getting rid of Matt so early, who was really good but didn’t shine, would’ve proven what you need to do.

“Are you arrogant or are you just an asshole?” Stone Cold doesn’t take crap from anybody. Ha, I was hoping he’d comment on what Luke was wearing. Can I be Stone Cold’s best friend for a day please.

Damn, I was hoping Ryan would be able to work hard and impress them, mostly because I saw him wrestle locally and thought he did a great job. Maybe a bit over the top, but I think he can keep working and get farther.

Ropes course next week, huh? I LOVE those.