Aw man, it’s so exciting that Christian won the world heavyweight championship. Seriously, how hard has that guy worked?

I…don’t love Teddy Long. I dunno why. I feel like I always want him to just get it over with.

I enjoyed the Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan match. I also thought Cody Rhodes bringing out all of those paper bags was brilliant.

I’m not entirely sure why they didn’t at least change Layla’s song back to her old one (I can’t really remember it, but having McCool’s song is…not great). If it was anyone but Kharma, I might be annoyed that she’s coming in after every match. At least they’re letting the matches finish, too. But she’s amazing.

Oh no! Dissension in the ranks of the Corre! …Who cares. I didn’t want them to KILL him though…haha.

Man, how does Sin Cara do that entrance? I know horses who can’t jump that high. That finisher is also way badass. I wonder if they’re limited by who else can do that with him…though most wrestlers can hopefully execute a forward flip decently. Still, though, there’s a lot of risk involved there. It was good to see Tyson Kidd back, I like him a lot. And he put on a good match with Cara. A feud with Chavo could be fun.

The main event was pretty good. I was pretty bummed that Christian lost the belt, though. If I hadn’t accidentally read a spoiler that Orton won (there is a huge uproar on the internet about this, seriously) I would’ve expected Christian to retain. I’m sure the two will have at least one more match. I wonder if one of them will turn heel.