Oops, I forgot to listen to Rey. I think I got the gist of it. Oh no, I missed part of the Miz talking, too. What’s happening! I almost accidentally muted the TV when R-Truth came out…someone help me! (Maybe…Kharma. That’d do it.)

John Morrison did have neck surgery today. Seems like everything went well and he’ll be recovering for a few weeks, but it’s not too serious (as far as neck injuries go). He’s Tweeting and stuff already.

Wow, I am SO NOT into R-Truth. Mysterio using his lines was good, though.

Oh, dear. I’d actually forgotten Brie is the Divas Champ. That’s not a great sign. Eve attacked Kharma…not so smart. But then again, she did go to USC. (Sorry. My allegiance lies with Notre Dame, and that was just too easy.) Basically I think they still don’t know if Kharma should be a heel or face, but I’m okay with the uncertainty. I’m just so excited she’s here!

Okay, I honestly am doing work tonight so I’m missing part of this (not just because I don’t care, though sometimes that’s a factor!). Mason Ryan seemed to hold up pretty well against Kane, though, until the inevitable Nexus ambush.

Obviously drafting Alex Riley to SmackDown meant a whole lot.

Hopefully this WILL be Cole’s last match. Everybody’s sick of it. If King loses…I’m gonna have major issues. Cole’s face was hilarious though.

Seemed like the Triple Threat went pretty well.