Christina keeps making comments about her and Ivelisse hating each other, though she seems to hate Ivelisse more than the other way around, haha.

Ropes courses are SO fun. They can be challenging though. Man, now I really want to go climb!

Yikes, that skills challenge (once again) looks intense. Luke saying Eric should quit is dumb. It’s admirable that he’s still trying. Trying is more important than succeeding sometimes. I’m not saying you can be bad and win, but you have to put in effort.

I really like Jeremiah’s work ethic and spirit. Andy seems pretty competent and is starting to really show he cares.

Bummer. I like Ivelisse, she’s good at what she does. Sucks that she got hurt because I think she could have gone farther. I can’t say I didn’t expect Eric to be sent home. I think maybe if his conditioning was better he’d be doing pretty well. That’s easier said than done, of course. AJ definitely better step up.