Riley didn’t do a bad job with his promo. Cena’s right, Miz has gone from laughingstock to WWE champion, and it’s pretty impressive. That doesn’t happen for all the guys. He’s improved so much.

Cole’s iPad is entertaining. It’s the original version in some kind of crazy case. As was pointed out to me, is the typical GM laptop just not portable enough? haha. It’s okay. iPads are pretty awesome.

Oh, man. How’d we get lucky enough to have a Punk vs. Kofi match?? That’s at least some sort of redemption for the below average past couple weeks.

People already seem really excited when Kharma comes out. To me that’s a great sign! I’m not sure if that flick on the forehead was a one-time pass or a sign of Kharma the face…but I think that’s the point! I’m still so happy to watch her.

It’s odd to me that I almost want to see the new movie with Orton in it. It seems like it might be a little bit…compelling.

And just when I have an inkling of hope that, even though R-Truth appeared (though didn’t talk much!), this RAW was getting better, they have a contract signing. For my least favorite storyline in a while that is being waaay dragged out. Bleh. Oh but of course they did not stop there. Though it ended up being less terrible than I expected.

Interesting. TNA (or, uh, Impact Wrestling?) ran a commercial about how they’re a “wrestling” company and not just entertainment. My guess (and I’d put money on this haha) is that this is a response to the WWE officially calling themselves only “WWE” and not “World Wrestling Entertainment” because they are more or less getting away from the word “wrestling” and more into sports entertainment.

Ha, Scott Stanford looks so little next to Kane and the Big Show! That guy’s hilarious though. Zack Ryder! How are they not pushing a guy Cena likes so much! haha

Heh, I enjoyed King yelling, “Shut up, Cole” all night.