Okay, I wasn’t planning on making a post about RAW because I was just going to watch pieces of it pretty quickly but things kept popping up that I wanted to talk about.

Did you notice how many people were laughing at R-Truth? Sure, sometimes things make me chuckle that shouldn’t, but there were a lot of fans there laughing. He’s supposed to be crazy and scary, not comical. Now, I’m not saying people are wrong to laugh. I’m restating my view that the “new” R-Truth is kind of failing.

I am glad Ziggler bleached his hair back. It just wasn’t right the other way.

Oh, looks like I missed Alex Riley freakin’ out. I thought that had to be coming soon. Jeez, he destroyed the Miz (and his shirt). I like his new entrance music. No easier face turn than beating up Cole. But I do think Riley did a good job with all of that. (Really, what brand are those shirts Miz wears? I need to know never to get one. I fear a sneeze will tear it to shreds. I’ve seen wrestlers nice clothes torn, but not quite like this hahaha.)

I loved CM Punk’s yellow and pink last week. So bummed about Macho Man.

Interesting that they had Kharma cut a promo like she did. It really seemed like it was all truth with no writers. But you could tell the audience has a lot of respect for her, and that’s cool. Sucks that she’s going to be gone though, I was SO happy she was finally here. But so far, too, I like her working as a face.

Okay, thought the fake Obama press conference would be lame, but that was funny.

And finally, I appreciate what WWE does to honor the troops. It’s not done enough. I know that’s not something I could be or do.