Hello, everyone! I know I’ve been gone for way too long, and I apologize. My traveling is done, but now I work Monday nights and have a bunch of house guests, so watching wrestling and posting is tough to do at the moment.

BUT. I couldn’t not have a post about CM Punk. He’s probably my favorite (current) wrestler, and it seems like he’s leaving in a few weeks. I’m pretty bummed, to say the least. I mean, even in the crappy RAW and SmackDowns that have happened, I always enjoyed hearing what he had to say at the very least. Sure there’s a chance he’s not actually gone, but it doesn’t seem like a huge chance to me.
Perhaps more important to talk about is the promo he gave on Monday night. Holy crap. There’s a decent amount of controversy around the internet (the internet seriously exploded on Monday night after RAW haha) about whether it was a “work” or a “shoot:” was he saying what the writers told him to, or did he go off the cuff and actually get cut off? WWE is too good at these things to make me think they didn’t know what he was going to do, at least a little bit. He certainly wasn’t PG, but who knows if they told him to do that or not. But I think all that just goes to show how good of a promo it was. It at least SEEMS like he was saying exactly what he wanted to and was speaking honestly. He didn’t seem to be telling any lies.
Now he is apparently suspended. Whether or not that’s real is pretty dependent on whether or not they expected him to say what he did. That’s kind of striking me as just part of the story line…but then again, he did say “douche bag” on live television (though they managed to bleep it and cut it so it was almost hard to tell…). So, that’s that. Or is it? If I were WWE, I’d want him to stay now with all the insane buzz that’s been generated. But it’s not all up to them.
I’ll be at the pay-per-view in Chicago on July 17th, and if it is his last night I’m very glad I’ll be there to see it. CM Punk is one of the reasons I re-started watching wrestling.

On a similar note, earlier this week Chavo Guerrero was released. I believe he said on Twitter that he asked for his release because he didn’t feel like he was being used properly. If that’s the case, I wonder what took him so long, in a way. I guess I assumed (or perhaps had read somewhere) that he was helping the newer guys out a lot; that wouldn’t be a bad idea, for him to go to FCW or something since he has so much experience and really is pretty good at what he does.

I will try to get back into a regular post routine soon; it’s been odd not watching full wrestling shows.