July 2011

I really enjoyed the WWE Championship match! I just wished they’d used this golden opportunity to redesign the belt haha.

Hm, they remixed Ziggler’s entrance music. I think I like it, it’s a little meaner sounding or something.

Yeah the Keith Stone thing was totally unnecessary…but they do those kinds of things with the Divas a lot. Haha, I like Maryse. She’s usually pretty solid in the ring actually and her gimmick is entertaining.

JR!! The return made even better by King and Cole’s initial reactions! Hm, Truth did a pretty good job with the exchange with HHH. John Morrison! That’s exciting. Except him shirtless in jeans is a bit odd for some reason. Very glad he’s recovered though.

Hahahahahaha Michael Cole. That was pretty well done, I have to say. And Zack Ryder! Good.

As a Harry Potter fan, I have noticed that CM Punk is similar to Voldemort now with the “He who must not be named” and it’s funny. That is all.

Hm. We’ll see how that Divas Battle Royal works out next week. I know who SHOULD win…

Well I enjoyed the second championship match as well! I think Cena’s been having really good matches recently. Also, hello, CM Punk. I have to say I did not expect that. I really did think we was gone. There was a bit of doubt when he won the belt but he’s baaack! And Cult of Personality has never been more perfect for his music (plus I love that song, so we’re all happy). Suffice it to say I’m very excited for what is to come, though I have no idea what that is.

Won’t be able to get a SmackDown post up this week. The power was out from Thursday night to Saturday night and we just got internet back this afternoon, so I wasn’t able to watch and honestly don’t feel like going through the trouble to watch clips and such! haha
RAW post should hopefully be up Tuesday!

Hahaha I enjoy Vince’s jacket. But even with this “tournament” they couldn’t redesign the damn belt?

I was pretty impressed with the Miz/Riley match. It was pretty solid. I don’t really remember any of their other matches, it’s possible I didn’t pay much attention to them, but I liked that.

I just don’t really enjoy watching R-Truth wrestle that much anymore. I used to think his style was kind of cool but I dunno. I don’t feel as much hate as I did when he first turned, though, haha. Maybe I just ignore him more.

Kofi and Del Rio had a really fun match, too. And then they finally got Kofi on the mic again! That really does need to happen more often, the man can talk.

Oh the Divas. That was just a disaster. Good thing the Glam Slam is awesome.

Well, I can’t say having Miz and Mysterio in the finals was a shock.

I did read a thing or two where people thought last night might be some kind of repeat Montreal Screwjob. That’s certainly always an option, but I think what Cena said about not wanting to do that is partially true. He did not make a TNA reference!! Hahaha. Oh wait, Impact Wrestling, sorry. How insane would that be (though pretty impossible at the moment I’d say). And Triple H out of nowhere! I love it when they do stuf like this, where nobody’s speculating that someone will come back or they just pull things out of nowhere. Trips’ puppy dog face is pretty good. And Vince’s TEARS. Man. For some reason I am finding this to be really compelling television, even though Vince really can’t go anywhere, haha. Well I guess in theory he could, but…the day will come, but not yet. I almost would have preferred insane indignation and denial from Vince to the tears, though. I mean you almost feel bad for him, and that’s not the way that’s supposed to go!! (Or is that the next twist?!)

WOW. This was one amazing show. The crowd was SO insane the whole night. I’m so glad I went.

The dark match was Santino and Kozlov vs. Otunga and McGillicutty. Even for that the crowd was loud! It was a non-title match but Santino got the win with the cobra. I like tag team wrestling and I miss it, but that was a solid match.

The SmackDown MITB match was good. I haven’t watched SD in a while though and I really need to catch up – Heath Slater has full tights now?! Haha but really, even with having missed some of what’s been happening it was fun to watch. I’m thrilled that Daniel Bryan won, too. That was really exciting and definitely well-deserved, and I think it shows good things for the future.

The Divas match was about what I expected. I guess that match would bother me less if women like Beth Phoenix and Natalya weren’t on the roster; they both seem so deserving to me. Maybe a match with them would stop the mass exodus that happens in the arena when the Divas match starts.

I found the Big Show/Mark Henry match to be surprisingly athletic. I guess I was kind of pulling for Show but I wasn’t hugely invested in the outcome. Still, it was pretty good to watch.

The RAW MITB match was great. I wasn’t sure who’d win but there were some really great spots. I think it’s obvious by now that Kofi in a ladder match is gold. Also Evan Bourne’s shooting star press. It never gets old, especially off a ladder haha. I was SO shocked they pulled Mysterio’s mask off. I really couldn’t believe it. I’m happy with Del Rio winning because I think he’s a great wrestler and he’s got a great character and tons of heat.

Orton and Christian had another great match. It’s nice that Christian has the belt. I generally prefer clean finishes for titles but that one, though perhaps predictable, was done pretty well and will serve to develop Orton’s character. Orton seemed to be having a great time with the RKOs after the match too haha.

Even with all that good stuff there was no doubt that Punk vs. Cena was the match of the night. Maybe of the year some are saying. It was amazing. And not just Punk, I thought Cena really did just as well. I’m sure if you saw it you know how spectacular it was. That combined with the crowd, with various chants basically the whole time, was really cool. And you know, I didn’t expect Punk to win. I thought it was possible (although watching the match I found myself thinking that he couldn’t lose every near fall because I was so caught up in it haha) but that Del Rio would immediately cash in. We all saw how that went. Gosh it was amazing. Both guys really were putting their best out there. And if Punk had been one damn aisle to the right, I would’ve been next to him!!

I have to say, I can’t wait for RAW tonight (or rather tomorrow since I have to work [outside] while it airs live). I don’t really know what’s going to happen. I firmly thought Punk was leaving. Now there is maybe a little bit of doubt, but I just don’t know!

Wow. Punk’s promo, once again. Spectacular. I mean really…if this is scripted, it’s hard to tell. He’s so completely right about making wrestling “socially relevant in the real world.” They’re letting him say that and everything else! haha. I haven’t smiled this much watching wrestling in a while. I can’t wait for this Sunday. It’ll be amazing but also sad.

Did we also notice the large amount of cheers agreeing with the fact that the WWE champ belt is ugly? hahaha

Hahaha all the Vince impressions tonight. Can we get more of those please?

Maybe the Bellas shouldn’t have mics too much.

I wonder if McIntyre was supposed to hit the floor like he did, or if he accidentally missed that much more cushy looking black landing area. Either way…a lot of ouch.

I have to admit, ladder matches do scare me. But some of those guys can make them look SO exciting.

“I’m Vince McMahon, dammit, let’s hear it!” I mean, that does kind of sum everything up, haha. Wait. The ice cream bars DID get the biggest pop of the night… Anyway. Again with the stuff Punk’s getting away with talking about the fired guys. There is just truth all over the place and I like it. I wonder what all the little kids are thinking. Maybe that Punk’s just a big bully or something. Colt Cabana chants and all. This is why I love wrestling. Ah but part of what I love about it is leaving! Curses.

Interesting promo by John Cena to open the show last night. It’s interesting to use Cena to confront “the system” or whatever.

Zack Ryder!! Beginning of a push? Perhaps. He’s popular on the internet (and there’s always a chance WWE is telling him to keep that up haha).

I’d like to fly in the WWE jet. Maybe when I’m one of their top-paid wrestlers they’ll let me. Right.

Sgt Slaughter still gets around pretty well, good for him. Also I like that Evan Bourne’s being kept around a bit; I know a lot of people (myself included) think he’d do well as an IC or US champ. He’s well liked and damn fun to watch.

Of course. Cakes are bad news. But Dolph in a suit works so well, it’s so perfect for his character.

Interesting “justification” for CM Punk’s suspension by Vince. Don’t want him to throw the belt in a trash can hahaha. “Don’t be Hogan.” Vince’s ego vs. Cena’s dedication to wresting. So…yeah that actually works pretty well. These promos are odd to me. Like they’re planned and such, but there’s just this weird element of reality or something. I can’t put my finger on what it is. Also, I’m fairly confident Cena won’t be fired.