Interesting promo by John Cena to open the show last night. It’s interesting to use Cena to confront “the system” or whatever.

Zack Ryder!! Beginning of a push? Perhaps. He’s popular on the internet (and there’s always a chance WWE is telling him to keep that up haha).

I’d like to fly in the WWE jet. Maybe when I’m one of their top-paid wrestlers they’ll let me. Right.

Sgt Slaughter still gets around pretty well, good for him. Also I like that Evan Bourne’s being kept around a bit; I know a lot of people (myself included) think he’d do well as an IC or US champ. He’s well liked and damn fun to watch.

Of course. Cakes are bad news. But Dolph in a suit works so well, it’s so perfect for his character.

Interesting “justification” for CM Punk’s suspension by Vince. Don’t want him to throw the belt in a trash can hahaha. “Don’t be Hogan.” Vince’s ego vs. Cena’s dedication to wresting. So…yeah that actually works pretty well. These promos are odd to me. Like they’re planned and such, but there’s just this weird element of reality or something. I can’t put my finger on what it is. Also, I’m fairly confident Cena won’t be fired.