Wow. Punk’s promo, once again. Spectacular. I mean really…if this is scripted, it’s hard to tell. He’s so completely right about making wrestling “socially relevant in the real world.” They’re letting him say that and everything else! haha. I haven’t smiled this much watching wrestling in a while. I can’t wait for this Sunday. It’ll be amazing but also sad.

Did we also notice the large amount of cheers agreeing with the fact that the WWE champ belt is ugly? hahaha

Hahaha all the Vince impressions tonight. Can we get more of those please?

Maybe the Bellas shouldn’t have mics too much.

I wonder if McIntyre was supposed to hit the floor like he did, or if he accidentally missed that much more cushy looking black landing area. Either way…a lot of ouch.

I have to admit, ladder matches do scare me. But some of those guys can make them look SO exciting.

“I’m Vince McMahon, dammit, let’s hear it!” I mean, that does kind of sum everything up, haha. Wait. The ice cream bars DID get the biggest pop of the night… Anyway. Again with the stuff Punk’s getting away with talking about the fired guys. There is just truth all over the place and I like it. I wonder what all the little kids are thinking. Maybe that Punk’s just a big bully or something. Colt Cabana chants and all. This is why I love wrestling. Ah but part of what I love about it is leaving! Curses.