Hahaha I enjoy Vince’s jacket. But even with this “tournament” they couldn’t redesign the damn belt?

I was pretty impressed with the Miz/Riley match. It was pretty solid. I don’t really remember any of their other matches, it’s possible I didn’t pay much attention to them, but I liked that.

I just don’t really enjoy watching R-Truth wrestle that much anymore. I used to think his style was kind of cool but I dunno. I don’t feel as much hate as I did when he first turned, though, haha. Maybe I just ignore him more.

Kofi and Del Rio had a really fun match, too. And then they finally got Kofi on the mic again! That really does need to happen more often, the man can talk.

Oh the Divas. That was just a disaster. Good thing the Glam Slam is awesome.

Well, I can’t say having Miz and Mysterio in the finals was a shock.

I did read a thing or two where people thought last night might be some kind of repeat Montreal Screwjob. That’s certainly always an option, but I think what Cena said about not wanting to do that is partially true. He did not make a TNA reference!! Hahaha. Oh wait, Impact Wrestling, sorry. How insane would that be (though pretty impossible at the moment I’d say). And Triple H out of nowhere! I love it when they do stuf like this, where nobody’s speculating that someone will come back or they just pull things out of nowhere. Trips’ puppy dog face is pretty good. And Vince’s TEARS. Man. For some reason I am finding this to be really compelling television, even though Vince really can’t go anywhere, haha. Well I guess in theory he could, but…the day will come, but not yet. I almost would have preferred insane indignation and denial from Vince to the tears, though. I mean you almost feel bad for him, and that’s not the way that’s supposed to go!! (Or is that the next twist?!)