I really enjoyed the WWE Championship match! I just wished they’d used this golden opportunity to redesign the belt haha.

Hm, they remixed Ziggler’s entrance music. I think I like it, it’s a little meaner sounding or something.

Yeah the Keith Stone thing was totally unnecessary…but they do those kinds of things with the Divas a lot. Haha, I like Maryse. She’s usually pretty solid in the ring actually and her gimmick is entertaining.

JR!! The return made even better by King and Cole’s initial reactions! Hm, Truth did a pretty good job with the exchange with HHH. John Morrison! That’s exciting. Except him shirtless in jeans is a bit odd for some reason. Very glad he’s recovered though.

Hahahahahaha Michael Cole. That was pretty well done, I have to say. And Zack Ryder! Good.

As a Harry Potter fan, I have noticed that CM Punk is similar to Voldemort now with the “He who must not be named” and it’s funny. That is all.

Hm. We’ll see how that Divas Battle Royal works out next week. I know who SHOULD win…

Well I enjoyed the second championship match as well! I think Cena’s been having really good matches recently. Also, hello, CM Punk. I have to say I did not expect that. I really did think we was gone. There was a bit of doubt when he won the belt but he’s baaack! And Cult of Personality has never been more perfect for his music (plus I love that song, so we’re all happy). Suffice it to say I’m very excited for what is to come, though I have no idea what that is.