August 2011

So…hopefully soon my wrestling watching will become less sporadic. I had more guests this weekend so I couldn’t catch SmackDown. The live show tomorrow will complicate things as well; hopefully I’ll have time to catch up this weekend?

Hahaha Punk’s fake vomiting made me laugh out loud. I have to say Nash is better than the first week he was back; he did fine (as in, it was not painful). How it goes in the ring remains to be seen. (Also who is choosing Nash’s wardrobe?)

So, this “super” show concept…I’m not clear on whether it’s just tonight or if he means it to be forever. Either way, begin the speculation of brand consolidation.

Punk and Miz had a pretty good match. Though it was not the first cluster of the evening.

They turned the lights off so we wouldn’t be able to tell which Sin Cara was wrestling tonight. Either way, he had a good match with Swagger.

Hm, Kofi’s entrance without the pyro is a little odd just because I was so used to it. I can deal with Air Boom. I haven’t decided if I really like it yet or not, but it doesn’t offend me with stupidity (which, yes, I did expect). Otunga and McGillicutty (Hennig) did not intimidate me at the end of their match, they just annoyed me.

Okay, really? I know they want to build up the Divas of Destruction character/mystique/whatever, but do we HAVE to keep seeing Kelly and the Bellas?

Interesting, the Triple H movie is not for kids at all. But he’s an ex-con again! haha. That looks the least terrible of the WWE trailers I’ve seen recently.

Lots of backstage TV watching tonight! Oh, wait. Shock and awe that Punk will face HHH! Though it was hard to hear what they were saying.

Sorry there was no SmackDown post, I didn’t have a chance to watch.

The opening promo was decent though not groundbreaking. Morrison and Del Rio had a good match, I liked it. There were some neat moves in there.

The Divas match looked…not terrible at all! Eve’s finisher worked really well.

Truer words have never been spoken in the wrestling business: “In an effort to be completely transparent with you…” Wait, what??

Man, I know I say this all the time, but I love CM Punk. He is SO FUN to watch. It looked like his elbow had some extra padding under the wrap, hope that’s not a huge issue.

Oh my gosh PLEASE give Kofi and Evan Bourne the belts. Thank you. Also there is no better way to win a title than with a shooting star press. Wonder if they’ll try to put them up against Miz and Truth next. I have to say, though, I kind of like Miz and Truth together.

The main event was a good match. I’ve really enjoyed watching Cena in these matches, I think he’s wrestling great. And of course a distraction and then Cena gets put in the main event at a PPV. Grr. I’d be happier if that was just a straight-up win.

Seems like SummerSlam was a pretty exciting PPV. I didn’t get to watch, but I have a few problems with it: Kelly Kelly beat Beth Phoenix. Not only do I not like that, I don’t find it believable. Also they made a last-minute decision to put Booker T on commentary instead of JR. With this big of an event, you want your top guys out there.

This title situation sure was a mess, huh? Nash out of nowhere after a bad call (though a friend pointed out nobody ever beats Cena clean! hahaha). Then Del Rio on top of all that. I don’t have a problem with them having one MITB match at WrestleMania, but when they have more than one of those briefcases cashed in a year it’s not as fun.

Alberto’s opening promo was fine but to be completely honest I was a little bored. Move forward faster.

The spot Morrison and R-Truth did with the chair actually worked out pretty well and was certainly innovative.

Ha, “I need to watch my mouth? You need to watch the show!” Actually made me laugh out loud.

So, I’d be good with Vickie managing Jack Swagger…as long as Ziggler still gets a push. But I think Ziggler has the ability to win matches on his own (I’m not saying Swagger doesn’t, I just think Ziggler would be fine – if not better – without her.).

I love that Kofi and Evan had matching trunks/tights. But that’s just me missing a solid tag division.

Sorry there was no RAW post this week. I haven’t been able to watch it yet even, work is getting in the way!

I’m not sure why but HHH is not my favorite right now. I almost feel like I’m not buying what he’s saying or something. Maybe it’s just me knowing that he’s not in charge at all and that Vince still very much is. I think I like Christian better when he’s being a funny guy, heel or face. The suing angle isn’t doing it for me. Man, people love Sheamus right now.

WOW, the crowd was loud for Sin Cara. Or, uh, the guy playing Sin Cara allegedly. Rumor is they’re using one of the FCW guys since Sin Cara is out for a wellness violation – and them explaining why he looks different makes that even more believable. I’m not sure I love that idea. I mean, I’m glad they’re not letting him come back early because they eed to enforce the wellness policy. But they can’t do without the character for 30 days? Interesting.

Hm, I haven’t warmed up to Booker T’s commentary as much as I thought I would, even after all this time.

Good match between Del Rio and Daniel Bryan. And a Bryan/Wade Barrett feud can do good things.

I accept Cody Rhodes as IC champ. I like him and I think he’s pretty good in the ring.

Ha, Sheamus’s whale similes were entertaining.

I thought they used Khali really well there today. I find I don’t mind him in a main event now and then, and I think this helped the Orton storyline along.

Hey, I’m watching SmackDown! And on Friday, at that! Crazy. I haven’t seen this show in weeks, which is bad, haha. I wanted to watch last week’s because I heard Zack Ryder played a good part, but I didn’t get the chance. I’m sure they’ll show me plenty of replays, which for once I will be glad to see! I’m glad Josh Matthews is on commentary, I really like him.

I’d missed so much SmackDown that I got pretty confused when people were cheering so loud for Sheamus at MITB! I’m curious to see how he does as a face. I see Jinder Mahal’s around…has he wrestled yet? That Khali’s sister marriage story line seems a little odd, but I guess it’s a creative way of connecting the guys.

Hm, Natalya vs. AJ seems to have potential to be a good match – and I don’t have much to complain about! There were even some cheers during the match from the live crowd. Unreal, I know! Also, Natalya heel turn…which means she and Beth Phoenix have to team up and be the Sisters of Destruction now. I welcome this.

That Justin Gabriel video package was neat.

Man, how have I not watched this in so long. I love to watch Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan and Tyson Kidd! Speaking of Kidd, he shaved that weird piece of hair he had and it actually makes a big difference in how he looks. That was a really great match (which is not surprising), I really enjoyed watching that. Never let me leave SD again. haha

Cody and Ted back together again! That’s been…well, not as long as it seems because wrestling time is like that. But still, I always liked them working together. I’m kinda bummed Cody’s mask is still around. But I guess it’s a really good gimmick if it annoys me since that’s the point! Haha, Zack tapping out on Zeke’s head actually made me laugh. The match was decent.

So they’re bringing Aksana in. She was on NXT with AJ and Kaitlyn. I can’t remember if she was any good in the ring but I remember being kind of annoyed by her.

It’s always slightly odd to me to see the guys they fired on TV the same night. I guess the stretcher is a good write-off. I always wonder, too, if they knew this was their last taping or whatever.

I enjoyed Sheamus’s promo, it was amusing but got a good message across.

I’m glad Trent Baretta’s still around, I think he’s really fun to watch in the ring. Same with the Usos, actually, and playing up their Samoan heritage is not a bad idea. This match almost makes it seem like there’s a tag team division in the WWE! The match was alright. I was expecting big things but should have known better; six-man tags often break down into some sort of ridiculous chaos.

I find myself being kind of entertained with R-Truth finding everyone and pointing out the “conspiracy.” Weird. I liked the main event as well…I missed SmackDown! Now I might actually watch this Haven show to see Edge, haha.

Also this is post number 201 for this blog! That’s exciting – thanks for reading, everyone!

(Updated below)
Well, I’ve kind of been waiting for this. So far Chris Masters, Melina, and Vladimir Kozlov have been released…with Hurricane Helms tweeting that Gail Kim is gone, as well ( These aren’t the most surprising names, but at the same time, not one’s I’d expect (except maybe Masters). I guess they were keeping Kozlov around until they replaced him in the tag team with Santino with Ryder…?

Apparently Gail Kim asked for her release but wasn’t fired. That makes more sense to me since she’s been, uh, underutilized.

I guess we have to wait and see if they announce more, these things often come in groups that just keep getting bigger.


Now David Hart Smith is added to the list. WHAT. Sure we haven’t seen him around in a while, but that guy is good at what he does. Of course, that’s never stopped them before…

Ha, I can hear it now: “Dammit if we paid for the rights to Cult of Personality, we’re gonna play it!” Punk seems like he’s having a lot of fun. I listened to an interview the other day and he said that they’re “not saying no” to him (with changing music and all kinds of other stuff). Also the day of MITB he really hadn’t decided if he was coming back or not which I thought was pretty interesting. “I’m here to make this fun again.” Well, that’s certainly working, sir. And maybe I’m biased (I am) but I kind of felt like Punk out-shined HHH in that promo. He freaking curtseyed!

And then right into the Divas match. Not sure if that was the wisest choice but is that a surprise? It still bothers me that these aren’t over the top rope, it’s just over or under whatever rope. I expect them all to be athletic enough to go over a five foot rope, because isn’t that the point? Hm, Eve and Alicia Fox did a good job with that elimination. So, I was REALLY hoping Beth Phoenix would win, and her doing so with that pretty incredible show of strength (and not some stupid Diva thing) was good. Heel turn not totally unexpected, but I’m okay with it. Maybe once this feud is over she can finally wrestle Natalya.

That almost-finisher by Morrison was crazy.

I LOVE when they have the old school recall matches.

Remember when Ziggler wasn’t blond for like two weeks? Yeah, bad idea. “I don’t even know who you are!” Anyway, that could turn into a feud with some good matches.

I like that they brought Johnny Ace out. It’s a ‘corporate’ guy that’s a new face to a lot of people but has the mic skills to do good things while being powerful and uptight! haha. Hm, I sort of hope they add some sort of gimmick to the SummerSlam match. The last one was SO GOOD that just doing it over could be a let down. I mean, chances are it’ll be a good match either way, but that is a hell of a lot to live up to.

So there was actually a lot of talking on this RAW, but I liked it. Most of it was meaningful and not stupid sounding.