Ha, I can hear it now: “Dammit if we paid for the rights to Cult of Personality, we’re gonna play it!” Punk seems like he’s having a lot of fun. I listened to an interview the other day and he said that they’re “not saying no” to him (with changing music and all kinds of other stuff). Also the day of MITB he really hadn’t decided if he was coming back or not which I thought was pretty interesting. “I’m here to make this fun again.” Well, that’s certainly working, sir. And maybe I’m biased (I am) but I kind of felt like Punk out-shined HHH in that promo. He freaking curtseyed!

And then right into the Divas match. Not sure if that was the wisest choice but is that a surprise? It still bothers me that these aren’t over the top rope, it’s just over or under whatever rope. I expect them all to be athletic enough to go over a five foot rope, because isn’t that the point? Hm, Eve and Alicia Fox did a good job with that elimination. So, I was REALLY hoping Beth Phoenix would win, and her doing so with that pretty incredible show of strength (and not some stupid Diva thing) was good. Heel turn not totally unexpected, but I’m okay with it. Maybe once this feud is over she can finally wrestle Natalya.

That almost-finisher by Morrison was crazy.

I LOVE when they have the old school recall matches.

Remember when Ziggler wasn’t blond for like two weeks? Yeah, bad idea. “I don’t even know who you are!” Anyway, that could turn into a feud with some good matches.

I like that they brought Johnny Ace out. It’s a ‘corporate’ guy that’s a new face to a lot of people but has the mic skills to do good things while being powerful and uptight! haha. Hm, I sort of hope they add some sort of gimmick to the SummerSlam match. The last one was SO GOOD that just doing it over could be a let down. I mean, chances are it’ll be a good match either way, but that is a hell of a lot to live up to.

So there was actually a lot of talking on this RAW, but I liked it. Most of it was meaningful and not stupid sounding.