Hey, I’m watching SmackDown! And on Friday, at that! Crazy. I haven’t seen this show in weeks, which is bad, haha. I wanted to watch last week’s because I heard Zack Ryder played a good part, but I didn’t get the chance. I’m sure they’ll show me plenty of replays, which for once I will be glad to see! I’m glad Josh Matthews is on commentary, I really like him.

I’d missed so much SmackDown that I got pretty confused when people were cheering so loud for Sheamus at MITB! I’m curious to see how he does as a face. I see Jinder Mahal’s around…has he wrestled yet? That Khali’s sister marriage story line seems a little odd, but I guess it’s a creative way of connecting the guys.

Hm, Natalya vs. AJ seems to have potential to be a good match – and I don’t have much to complain about! There were even some cheers during the match from the live crowd. Unreal, I know! Also, Natalya heel turn…which means she and Beth Phoenix have to team up and be the Sisters of Destruction now. I welcome this.

That Justin Gabriel video package was neat.

Man, how have I not watched this in so long. I love to watch Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan and Tyson Kidd! Speaking of Kidd, he shaved that weird piece of hair he had and it actually makes a big difference in how he looks. That was a really great match (which is not surprising), I really enjoyed watching that. Never let me leave SD again. haha

Cody and Ted back together again! That’s been…well, not as long as it seems because wrestling time is like that. But still, I always liked them working together. I’m kinda bummed Cody’s mask is still around. But I guess it’s a really good gimmick if it annoys me since that’s the point! Haha, Zack tapping out on Zeke’s head actually made me laugh. The match was decent.

So they’re bringing Aksana in. She was on NXT with AJ and Kaitlyn. I can’t remember if she was any good in the ring but I remember being kind of annoyed by her.

It’s always slightly odd to me to see the guys they fired on TV the same night. I guess the stretcher is a good write-off. I always wonder, too, if they knew this was their last taping or whatever.

I enjoyed Sheamus’s promo, it was amusing but got a good message across.

I’m glad Trent Baretta’s still around, I think he’s really fun to watch in the ring. Same with the Usos, actually, and playing up their Samoan heritage is not a bad idea. This match almost makes it seem like there’s a tag team division in the WWE! The match was alright. I was expecting big things but should have known better; six-man tags often break down into some sort of ridiculous chaos.

I find myself being kind of entertained with R-Truth finding everyone and pointing out the “conspiracy.” Weird. I liked the main event as well…I missed SmackDown! Now I might actually watch this Haven show to see Edge, haha.

Also this is post number 201 for this blog! That’s exciting – thanks for reading, everyone!