(Updated below)
Well, I’ve kind of been waiting for this. So far Chris Masters, Melina, and Vladimir Kozlov have been released…with Hurricane Helms tweeting that Gail Kim is gone, as well (twitter.com/@shanehelmscom). These aren’t the most surprising names, but at the same time, not one’s I’d expect (except maybe Masters). I guess they were keeping Kozlov around until they replaced him in the tag team with Santino with Ryder…?

Apparently Gail Kim asked for her release but wasn’t fired. That makes more sense to me since she’s been, uh, underutilized.

I guess we have to wait and see if they announce more, these things often come in groups that just keep getting bigger.


Now David Hart Smith is added to the list. WHAT. Sure we haven’t seen him around in a while, but that guy is good at what he does. Of course, that’s never stopped them before…