Sorry there was no RAW post this week. I haven’t been able to watch it yet even, work is getting in the way!

I’m not sure why but HHH is not my favorite right now. I almost feel like I’m not buying what he’s saying or something. Maybe it’s just me knowing that he’s not in charge at all and that Vince still very much is. I think I like Christian better when he’s being a funny guy, heel or face. The suing angle isn’t doing it for me. Man, people love Sheamus right now.

WOW, the crowd was loud for Sin Cara. Or, uh, the guy playing Sin Cara allegedly. Rumor is they’re using one of the FCW guys since Sin Cara is out for a wellness violation – and them explaining why he looks different makes that even more believable. I’m not sure I love that idea. I mean, I’m glad they’re not letting him come back early because they eed to enforce the wellness policy. But they can’t do without the character for 30 days? Interesting.

Hm, I haven’t warmed up to Booker T’s commentary as much as I thought I would, even after all this time.

Good match between Del Rio and Daniel Bryan. And a Bryan/Wade Barrett feud can do good things.

I accept Cody Rhodes as IC champ. I like him and I think he’s pretty good in the ring.

Ha, Sheamus’s whale similes were entertaining.

I thought they used Khali really well there today. I find I don’t mind him in a main event now and then, and I think this helped the Orton storyline along.