So…hopefully soon my wrestling watching will become less sporadic. I had more guests this weekend so I couldn’t catch SmackDown. The live show tomorrow will complicate things as well; hopefully I’ll have time to catch up this weekend?

Hahaha Punk’s fake vomiting made me laugh out loud. I have to say Nash is better than the first week he was back; he did fine (as in, it was not painful). How it goes in the ring remains to be seen. (Also who is choosing Nash’s wardrobe?)

So, this “super” show concept…I’m not clear on whether it’s just tonight or if he means it to be forever. Either way, begin the speculation of brand consolidation.

Punk and Miz had a pretty good match. Though it was not the first cluster of the evening.

They turned the lights off so we wouldn’t be able to tell which Sin Cara was wrestling tonight. Either way, he had a good match with Swagger.

Hm, Kofi’s entrance without the pyro is a little odd just because I was so used to it. I can deal with Air Boom. I haven’t decided if I really like it yet or not, but it doesn’t offend me with stupidity (which, yes, I did expect). Otunga and McGillicutty (Hennig) did not intimidate me at the end of their match, they just annoyed me.

Okay, really? I know they want to build up the Divas of Destruction character/mystique/whatever, but do we HAVE to keep seeing Kelly and the Bellas?

Interesting, the Triple H movie is not for kids at all. But he’s an ex-con again! haha. That looks the least terrible of the WWE trailers I’ve seen recently.

Lots of backstage TV watching tonight! Oh, wait. Shock and awe that Punk will face HHH! Though it was hard to hear what they were saying.