September 2011

Well, as you likely noticed (or not) I missed another SmackDown. I think for now a good rule might be that during college football season, watching SD gets pretty difficult, so posts will be sporadic at best. My apologies. But RAW every week should stick around!

The “exclusive” video clip of Miz and R-Truth freakin’ out (the Blair Witch-looking one) plus the rest of the clips were pretty effective.

“No one man is bigger than the WWE.” It’s true. The WWE had become a social institution…there’s a whole lot of sociology in this stuff, actually. It’s pretty interesting.

I thought Cody Rhodes might be drunk. Maybe it’s the meds for his head…ouch. (It’d scare me to wrestle with those staples in my head, but I’m not in the WWE.) Anyway, I kind of enjoyed all the heels coming out. It was entertaining (also appreciated that they didn’t have entrance music, it made it more effective). Trips did a good job in there as well. Christian’s “one more match” thing is working pretty well for him.

Just throwing this out there: While I do not endorse drunken idiocy, a Booker T announcer drinking game would probably be hilarious. Oh my goodness, D. Bryan, what the hell…

I liked the Battle Royal. It didn’t get ridiculous and it told a good story; I thought how they presented its planning was good as well. I figured Cody would still win, and I’m not upset that he did. Hopefully him taking the mask of means it will stay off…?

The internet tells me that Jerry Lawler was actually somewhat legitimately injured last week. Hope he heals up quickly.

Oh my gosh. Just when I was about to say, “See, Beth can make Kelly look like a decent wrestler,” Kelly goes and hits those…kicks. I appreciate that she’s trying to not hurt anyone but it is getting painful for me to watch. Thank goodness Beth and Natalya finally got a win.

Man, Khali is huge. And WOW Mark Henry picked him up. Crazy.

Punk on commentary. That makes me pay attention.

Hm, interesting place for Mason Ryan. I could see that going well; teaming someone up with Vickie is a good way to build solid heat. It’s also beneficial if a guy doesn’t have great mic skills (I honestly have no idea how Ryan is for promos…but either way). And as I type this, Mason Ryan face turn. (PS I think he is darker than Kofi…) Interesting twist, but just as I was saying a matchup with Vickie is easy heat, attacking Vickie’s clients is a good way to get people to like you! Mason Ryan smiling: never seen it before, and it makes him look completely different. Very likable.

Good main event, I liked it. Aw, Ricardo. He sure gets beat up a lot. The aftermath went pretty well, too, except too many chair shots make me cringe. But if I had to sum this RAW up in one word, I would choose “effective.” They did a good job pushing story lines along and getting ready for the PPV.

Alrighty then, here we go.
I didn’t watch Night of Champions last night but I know the results (and would after tonight anyway). I’m, uh, less than pleased that Beth Phoenix lost – after hitting a superplex off the top rope. How insane is that?!

I would also now like to point out that WWEShop now makes CM Punk Ice Cream Bar t-shirts. Yes.

“Little stooge corporate eyes.” Promo worked out to be alright.

I’m generally not a fan of 8-man tags, but that one was good. It surprisingly didn’t turn into a confusing cluster. I also like Bourne’s new color scheme to match Kofi.

Look at Ziggler on the mic! I thought he did a good job, he doesn’t get many chances to talk so I’d say he made the most of it.

So, they are busting out both Sin Caras. I thought that could happen, but honestly had no idea how they’d make it fly. We’ll see. It’s actually pretty weird to watch the same person wrestling himself, hahaha. Good while it lasted though.

Let’s take a moment to notice Miz’s…cravat? Ascot? I don’t know the difference. Let’s move on.

JR being in the ring makes me nervous. But that ended okay for him. Jerry stepping in worked out, though I almost would have preferred someone in the back coming out (it’d help them out, that’s for sure). It makes sense that King would help JR, but he doesn’t need to get beat up like that.

Okay, I don’t know if I’ve said this or not, but it drives me absolutely CRAZY how Kelly has to look at the ropes when she’s about to hit them. I’m sure more of them do it and I just don’t notice, but I know a lot of them have the spatial awareness (that they should have) to know when they are going to hit. She has been doing this long enough, and she has been improving, but I just can’t stand that one little thing.

I think they came up with a good use of Ryder there.

Punk and Cena make a pretty good tag team. I have to say I really enjoyed that match. Once again a clean tag match, which I love. And all four of them really looked great, and told a great story. Awesome. I’m really happy about that match.

Yess, I love the groups of wrestlers they show backstage. They actually threw them out! Great stuff. I’m not entirely sure where they’ll go with this, but this isn’t the last you’ve seen of Awesome Truth!! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Sorry, no post this week. I have absolutely no time this whole coming week, ick.

I wanted to see especially since Edge was on! I miss him being around!

Woo Bret Hart. Um, I laughed out loud at Del Rio’s “illegal Canadians” remark. I’m also starting to like Ricardo Rodriguez a lot, he’s entertaining. Hahaha also Cena needs to do more impressions of people.

Miz’s new shirt is good, I like that. Haha, ninja please. They are on fire so far. The Kofi/Miz match was decent. [I should say too that I expected the tag match before that to be better, but I didn’t hate it.]

It’s almost more frustrating when they mention who McGillicutty’s father was and just glaze over it…I’d rather they used it or ignored it. The promo was almost cryptic for the younger fans. I think they’re using Jerry Lawler pretty well here; his popularity is helping create heat for the Otunga and…Michael, but they’re not having him wrestle whole matches (which some are opposed to) (it’s also helping make the guys he tags with more popular).

“What in the gel are you talking about?” hahaa another one. Good work, JR. Anyway, Ricardo looked pretty good in the ring.

So, okay. I know Vickie is not a wrestler, and I’m okay with this. None of the Divas could make her look good (and that’s also on purpose). But Kelly looked really awful. That is NOT how you want your Divas champ portrayed. Disappointing. Also thanks for showing Beth Phoenix for about half a second…?

I was waiting all night for Punk to come out! Ha, charisma vacuum. Awesome, he brought up the ice cream bars again. So yeah, that all went pretty well.

On a different note, I was really hoping they’d show their 9/11 stuff and I’m glad they did. I really think they did a great job with that, both the show they did in 2001 and the video they showed. It’s weird that it’s been 10 years. Those images are still so powerful.

Opening promo wasn’t bad. I don’t find myself emotionally invested in Mark Henry that much, but the promo kept my attention okay.

Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd is a good pair, that was a fun match. Also, a benefit of using fake-Cara: he speaks pretty good English. I bet it’s a little odd for that guy (I believe it’s Hunico from FCW?) to have to change his body language and stuff to be a different person. Also it’s gotta be hard to breathe in that mask.

Divas match was decent. I think what needs to happen is Beth Phoenix winning and bringing back the Women’s title and getting rid of the butterfly belt. I just prefer the other one, it seems more legitimate and certainly has more history in it.

I’m starting to enjoy Sheamus’s promos.

I’m going to have to cut off here, actually. Busy day tomorrow and it’s already been a long week! Sorry everyone, if I have time I’ll try to finish this later.

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day, and hope you all got the day off!

Punk opening RAW doesn’t suck. Oh. Nash saying, “Look at you and look at me” actually proved the opposite point for me than what he wanted. “I made the WWE cool again, I made it exciting.” Okay, Nash. Can we fire him yet? That just…was not even a heel thing to say (well I guess it can be but from him it is just ridiculous). He also seems to stiff and scripted for me. Friends don’t knock friends over, even in the WWE. Doesn’t he see how tag teams break up?!

I was wondering if they’d try a mashup of Bourne and Kofi’s songs…what they did worked great! Also they worked the shooting star press in nicely. Mahal looks pretty good in the ring, I like what I’ve seen so far. And from what I understand there is a HUGE fanbase in India, so that’s good for business (though he’s actually from Canada).

The Divas match itself was actually pretty good. The commentary…eh.

Why all of the sudden during the Punk/R-Truth match did Cole start to pick at JR again? It’s fine when the Miz comes out and stuff, but during the match it’s too much. I know we’re supposed to hate him but there’s a line between building a character and ruining the match that’s airing. Superplex!! Didn’t expect that one to actually happen but I’m glad it did. Good match. The small bit of interference by Miz didn’t ruin the match and actually served to keep the story rolling a little. Interesting stipulation added to the HHH/Punk match though, huh?

SO. The WWE Network is happening then! Interesting. I hope I can still watch my shows though…

Hm, where has Slater been? Not getting awesome entrance music, unfortunately. The match ended up being pretty good though, no big issues or scary parts. Slater got more offense in than I expected, which I think is good.

Hahaha Cena’s dig at The Rock was very well done.

Oh, look, unexpected chaos. Morrison looked pretty good. I think the style of the match (just the 8-man part) just didn’t hold my attention at the end of the show. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, that’s just how my brain is working tonight. But really it was a solid RAW, some good stuff is going on.

I liked Cena’s opening promo. Any time you can mention the XFL or the Shockmaster is a good one, and having BOTH together is icing on the cake. I thought Ricardo Rodriguez did a good job as well. I bet if I tried hard enough I could teach myself Spanish by watching wrestling, haha. Man, I’d forgotten how much I like Wade Barrett. His talking about Cena being in the Nexus just reminded me of his huge push that doesn’t seem to be around much at the moment. These things happen though. I think (and hope) he’ll be okay in the long run.

Nice, Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara! Whichever Sin Cara they use, he’s generally enjoyable to watch. That was a good match, lots of skill. Booker could lay off the use of “D. Bryan” though.

The best part of the Air Boom promo? Surprisingly not that they finally let Kofi speak (which I think they need to do a lot more), but Cole at the end sticking in, “I’m going to vomit!” I don’t know why but it made me laugh.

What is Aksana doing there. Also Beth Phoenix looks like a super hero now (more than before even haha), I like it. It’s good to see Alicia Fox wrestling again, she’s very athletic and pretty good in the ring.

Oh boy a contract signing. Okay, seriously though, I cannot get enough of CM Punk promos. They are so good and so exciting and fun to watch (and full of truth). My only hope is that Jericho comes back and they get in the ring together and talk. Triple H is doing well, I just get distracted (partially by him being across from Punk, that’s tough with my bias haha) because once in a while his grammar slips and he gets repetitive and too defensive sounding. But especially towards the end there that was all just really great stuff to watch.

Sheamus is growing on me. It looks like Jinder Mahal could have some promise, too.

I probably should have cared more about Orton vs. Christian because objectively it was a good match. Maybe I’ve just seen it too many times to really feel invested.