I liked Cena’s opening promo. Any time you can mention the XFL or the Shockmaster is a good one, and having BOTH together is icing on the cake. I thought Ricardo Rodriguez did a good job as well. I bet if I tried hard enough I could teach myself Spanish by watching wrestling, haha. Man, I’d forgotten how much I like Wade Barrett. His talking about Cena being in the Nexus just reminded me of his huge push that doesn’t seem to be around much at the moment. These things happen though. I think (and hope) he’ll be okay in the long run.

Nice, Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara! Whichever Sin Cara they use, he’s generally enjoyable to watch. That was a good match, lots of skill. Booker could lay off the use of “D. Bryan” though.

The best part of the Air Boom promo? Surprisingly not that they finally let Kofi speak (which I think they need to do a lot more), but Cole at the end sticking in, “I’m going to vomit!” I don’t know why but it made me laugh.

What is Aksana doing there. Also Beth Phoenix looks like a super hero now (more than before even haha), I like it. It’s good to see Alicia Fox wrestling again, she’s very athletic and pretty good in the ring.

Oh boy a contract signing. Okay, seriously though, I cannot get enough of CM Punk promos. They are so good and so exciting and fun to watch (and full of truth). My only hope is that Jericho comes back and they get in the ring together and talk. Triple H is doing well, I just get distracted (partially by him being across from Punk, that’s tough with my bias haha) because once in a while his grammar slips and he gets repetitive and too defensive sounding. But especially towards the end there that was all just really great stuff to watch.

Sheamus is growing on me. It looks like Jinder Mahal could have some promise, too.

I probably should have cared more about Orton vs. Christian because objectively it was a good match. Maybe I’ve just seen it too many times to really feel invested.