Hope everyone had a good Labor Day, and hope you all got the day off!

Punk opening RAW doesn’t suck. Oh. Nash saying, “Look at you and look at me” actually proved the opposite point for me than what he wanted. “I made the WWE cool again, I made it exciting.” Okay, Nash. Can we fire him yet? That just…was not even a heel thing to say (well I guess it can be but from him it is just ridiculous). He also seems to stiff and scripted for me. Friends don’t knock friends over, even in the WWE. Doesn’t he see how tag teams break up?!

I was wondering if they’d try a mashup of Bourne and Kofi’s songs…what they did worked great! Also they worked the shooting star press in nicely. Mahal looks pretty good in the ring, I like what I’ve seen so far. And from what I understand there is a HUGE fanbase in India, so that’s good for business (though he’s actually from Canada).

The Divas match itself was actually pretty good. The commentary…eh.

Why all of the sudden during the Punk/R-Truth match did Cole start to pick at JR again? It’s fine when the Miz comes out and stuff, but during the match it’s too much. I know we’re supposed to hate him but there’s a line between building a character and ruining the match that’s airing. Superplex!! Didn’t expect that one to actually happen but I’m glad it did. Good match. The small bit of interference by Miz didn’t ruin the match and actually served to keep the story rolling a little. Interesting stipulation added to the HHH/Punk match though, huh?

SO. The WWE Network is happening then! Interesting. I hope I can still watch my shows though…

Hm, where has Slater been? Not getting awesome entrance music, unfortunately. The match ended up being pretty good though, no big issues or scary parts. Slater got more offense in than I expected, which I think is good.

Hahaha Cena’s dig at The Rock was very well done.

Oh, look, unexpected chaos. Morrison looked pretty good. I think the style of the match (just the 8-man part) just didn’t hold my attention at the end of the show. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, that’s just how my brain is working tonight. But really it was a solid RAW, some good stuff is going on.