Opening promo wasn’t bad. I don’t find myself emotionally invested in Mark Henry that much, but the promo kept my attention okay.

Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd is a good pair, that was a fun match. Also, a benefit of using fake-Cara: he speaks pretty good English. I bet it’s a little odd for that guy (I believe it’s Hunico from FCW?) to have to change his body language and stuff to be a different person. Also it’s gotta be hard to breathe in that mask.

Divas match was decent. I think what needs to happen is Beth Phoenix winning and bringing back the Women’s title and getting rid of the butterfly belt. I just prefer the other one, it seems more legitimate and certainly has more history in it.

I’m starting to enjoy Sheamus’s promos.

I’m going to have to cut off here, actually. Busy day tomorrow and it’s already been a long week! Sorry everyone, if I have time I’ll try to finish this later.