Woo Bret Hart. Um, I laughed out loud at Del Rio’s “illegal Canadians” remark. I’m also starting to like Ricardo Rodriguez a lot, he’s entertaining. Hahaha also Cena needs to do more impressions of people.

Miz’s new shirt is good, I like that. Haha, ninja please. They are on fire so far. The Kofi/Miz match was decent. [I should say too that I expected the tag match before that to be better, but I didn’t hate it.]

It’s almost more frustrating when they mention who McGillicutty’s father was and just glaze over it…I’d rather they used it or ignored it. The promo was almost cryptic for the younger fans. I think they’re using Jerry Lawler pretty well here; his popularity is helping create heat for the Otunga and…Michael, but they’re not having him wrestle whole matches (which some are opposed to) (it’s also helping make the guys he tags with more popular).

“What in the gel are you talking about?” hahaa another one. Good work, JR. Anyway, Ricardo looked pretty good in the ring.

So, okay. I know Vickie is not a wrestler, and I’m okay with this. None of the Divas could make her look good (and that’s also on purpose). But Kelly looked really awful. That is NOT how you want your Divas champ portrayed. Disappointing. Also thanks for showing Beth Phoenix for about half a second…?

I was waiting all night for Punk to come out! Ha, charisma vacuum. Awesome, he brought up the ice cream bars again. So yeah, that all went pretty well.

On a different note, I was really hoping they’d show their 9/11 stuff and I’m glad they did. I really think they did a great job with that, both the show they did in 2001 and the video they showed. It’s weird that it’s been 10 years. Those images are still so powerful.