Alrighty then, here we go.
I didn’t watch Night of Champions last night but I know the results (and would after tonight anyway). I’m, uh, less than pleased that Beth Phoenix lost – after hitting a superplex off the top rope. How insane is that?!

I would also now like to point out that WWEShop now makes CM Punk Ice Cream Bar t-shirts. Yes.

“Little stooge corporate eyes.” Promo worked out to be alright.

I’m generally not a fan of 8-man tags, but that one was good. It surprisingly didn’t turn into a confusing cluster. I also like Bourne’s new color scheme to match Kofi.

Look at Ziggler on the mic! I thought he did a good job, he doesn’t get many chances to talk so I’d say he made the most of it.

So, they are busting out both Sin Caras. I thought that could happen, but honestly had no idea how they’d make it fly. We’ll see. It’s actually pretty weird to watch the same person wrestling himself, hahaha. Good while it lasted though.

Let’s take a moment to notice Miz’s…cravat? Ascot? I don’t know the difference. Let’s move on.

JR being in the ring makes me nervous. But that ended okay for him. Jerry stepping in worked out, though I almost would have preferred someone in the back coming out (it’d help them out, that’s for sure). It makes sense that King would help JR, but he doesn’t need to get beat up like that.

Okay, I don’t know if I’ve said this or not, but it drives me absolutely CRAZY how Kelly has to look at the ropes when she’s about to hit them. I’m sure more of them do it and I just don’t notice, but I know a lot of them have the spatial awareness (that they should have) to know when they are going to hit. She has been doing this long enough, and she has been improving, but I just can’t stand that one little thing.

I think they came up with a good use of Ryder there.

Punk and Cena make a pretty good tag team. I have to say I really enjoyed that match. Once again a clean tag match, which I love. And all four of them really looked great, and told a great story. Awesome. I’m really happy about that match.

Yess, I love the groups of wrestlers they show backstage. They actually threw them out! Great stuff. I’m not entirely sure where they’ll go with this, but this isn’t the last you’ve seen of Awesome Truth!! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)