Well, as you likely noticed (or not) I missed another SmackDown. I think for now a good rule might be that during college football season, watching SD gets pretty difficult, so posts will be sporadic at best. My apologies. But RAW every week should stick around!

The “exclusive” video clip of Miz and R-Truth freakin’ out (the Blair Witch-looking one) plus the rest of the clips were pretty effective.

“No one man is bigger than the WWE.” It’s true. The WWE had become a social institution…there’s a whole lot of sociology in this stuff, actually. It’s pretty interesting.

I thought Cody Rhodes might be drunk. Maybe it’s the meds for his head…ouch. (It’d scare me to wrestle with those staples in my head, but I’m not in the WWE.) Anyway, I kind of enjoyed all the heels coming out. It was entertaining (also appreciated that they didn’t have entrance music, it made it more effective). Trips did a good job in there as well. Christian’s “one more match” thing is working pretty well for him.

Just throwing this out there: While I do not endorse drunken idiocy, a Booker T announcer drinking game would probably be hilarious. Oh my goodness, D. Bryan, what the hell…

I liked the Battle Royal. It didn’t get ridiculous and it told a good story; I thought how they presented its planning was good as well. I figured Cody would still win, and I’m not upset that he did. Hopefully him taking the mask of means it will stay off…?

The internet tells me that Jerry Lawler was actually somewhat legitimately injured last week. Hope he heals up quickly.

Oh my gosh. Just when I was about to say, “See, Beth can make Kelly look like a decent wrestler,” Kelly goes and hits those…kicks. I appreciate that she’s trying to not hurt anyone but it is getting painful for me to watch. Thank goodness Beth and Natalya finally got a win.

Man, Khali is huge. And WOW Mark Henry picked him up. Crazy.

Punk on commentary. That makes me pay attention.

Hm, interesting place for Mason Ryan. I could see that going well; teaming someone up with Vickie is a good way to build solid heat. It’s also beneficial if a guy doesn’t have great mic skills (I honestly have no idea how Ryan is for promos…but either way). And as I type this, Mason Ryan face turn. (PS I think he is darker than Kofi…) Interesting twist, but just as I was saying a matchup with Vickie is easy heat, attacking Vickie’s clients is a good way to get people to like you! Mason Ryan smiling: never seen it before, and it makes him look completely different. Very likable.

Good main event, I liked it. Aw, Ricardo. He sure gets beat up a lot. The aftermath went pretty well, too, except too many chair shots make me cringe. But if I had to sum this RAW up in one word, I would choose “effective.” They did a good job pushing story lines along and getting ready for the PPV.