October 2011

Happy Halloween, everyone! I really wanted to go trick-or-treating hahaha. When I heard The Rock’s music I thought it would be someone dressed up as him. A couple years ago I dressed up as Hulk Hogan and it was damn good, if I may say so myself.

I honestly can’t even keep up with what PPV is coming next.

I love the Muppets. Ha, Sheamus and Beaker. Oh my gosh I hope the Swedish Chef shows up.

Santino on the mic! Thank goodness.

Oh right. Halloween means Divas. Their costumes really aren’t bad this year – they actually chose things they can wrestle in! I’m shocked. I would also honestly be more impressed with Eve’s standing backflip without the bootypop.

Tag match with Air Boom was really good, I enjoyed watching it.

I enjoyed the Ryder/Ziggler match as well. Sometimes going face-first into the turnbuckle doesn’t work so well, but Ziggler hit it beautifully. And really you can’t get better than Vickie.

So, yeah. Decent overall. I was kinda busy but it kept my attention okay.

Only one week left of October, yikes! Seems like the PPV was interesting.

Wait, HHH is still the COO? I thought they kicked him out. I guess they actually just took him out of control of RAW? Anyway, I know the attack and injury are big and main parts of the storyline, but showing a replay three minutes after it happened is wasting my time….and then again 3 minutes later. Yes, ‘hospital’ is big and Nash’s crazyeyes are big, but come on, guys.

I am liking Sheamus more and more, but that Celtic Cross just freaks me out.

Fresh Prince reference, very nice. I like Cena’s new shirt. And the Muppets next week! Awesome, I love them.

Hm, so Mason Ryan has to save Santino. Whatever, at least Santino is still around – he’s entertaining!

HA. A dig at Ace’s voice out of nowhere. And then another one of those rants that is basically gold.

I’ve missed Wade Barrett. Pretty good match.

I thought Michael Cole was doing really well tonight until all the JR crap started. So, so unnecessary.

I could have done without Miz and Truth’s promo. I like Cena’s new shirt actually, it’s something I would consider wearing. Good move pairing Cena with The Rock, though. It’s a good way to get them together without having them really wrestle each other before ‘Mania.

Opening of RAW was interesting. I didn’t expect JR back so quickly (though I did expect him back at some point). I’m glad though. Also, does the crowd even understand what these people are saying?

I’m kind of bothered by a lot of what is going on with RAW right now. Like, why is Johnny Ace the GM? What happened to the anonymous GM? And last week, if HHH was sooo worried about the fans, why didn’t he sacrifice himself to step down so the wrestlers would come back? Obviously it didn’t end up mattering, but whatever. It just doesn’t make sense

Divas match ended up decent. I’m okay with Eve having a title match; certainly better than some of the alternatives.

Ahh, Miz is always a little off on his “you suck” timing and it hurts my ears. I still can’t get enough of CM Punk.
Okay, I really can’t understand half of what Laurinaitis says.

Hey, Mason Ryan spoke! Man, is he huge.

Main event was really good, I enjoyed it a lot. And Cole and JR had the perfect amount of involvement – very little. That really was good.

Oh no, I missed like 10 of the first 30 minutes of RAW! I came back and VINCE was there, but I have no idea why or what he said! haha I’m sure there will be a replay.
Also I might try to switch back and forth between this and the Bears game, so I may miss more.

I was kinda looking forward to Punk being on commentary the whole night.

I kind of laughed when Cody put the bag on Orton’s head. That looked silly. But okay, I REALLY cannot stand to listen to Cody right now. I seriously almost muted him. They also all look ridiculous wrestling in street clothes.

Ugh the Divas match. Terrible.

Hey, the Air Boom music is fun.

This RAW…I’m not feeling it. Too much attacking, predictable things that are supposed to be shocking, uncreative stuff…bleh. Also did they say PPV in two weeks?! At least Triple H running out at the end was kind of interesting.

Hey look, it’s Drew McIntyre.

Hm, Mark Henry’s huge show of emotion made me pay attention. That’s a tough feat tonight (not due to the show, just due to lack of sleep and too much work!).

Sounds like some insanity happened at Hell in a Cell last night. I’m not entirely sure I followed, but I know the outcome and that’s what counts. It is pretty cool that Cody brought back the old IC belt. That is neat to see. But goodness I’m annoyed by his character right now. Can we point out once again HOW MUCH HEAT Vickie gets?! Two words and the crowd goes wild. It’s wonderful. Hahaha, even Triple H forgot Mason Ryan. Good stuff right there.

I am SO excited that Beth Phoenix won the Divas title!! It is so well deserved. Holy hell, I just had to mute the television. Way too much screaming (preceded by smiley happy face? Makes it work even LESS.).

Santino is back!

Uh…that was maybe the weirdest way to end a PPV (or anything else) ever. Little things made it seem less believable, like the cops not restraining or going after HHH, all the Superstars awkwardly shaking the fence, and just weird stuff like that. The YouTube video was 1) too quiet and 2) not interesting enough. Saved by CM Punk.

Shooting star press? Never gets old.

Whoa there’s a ref on the mic! I’m glad Cole walked out, that was effective for the storyline and for his character. See, he can be a heel without being terribly obnoxious. Ha, wow, they’re all gettin’ out of there. Even the camera guy! Good work there, man. That was well done. Aw and they just left us hanging! Where will this one end up?