Oh no, I missed like 10 of the first 30 minutes of RAW! I came back and VINCE was there, but I have no idea why or what he said! haha I’m sure there will be a replay.
Also I might try to switch back and forth between this and the Bears game, so I may miss more.

I was kinda looking forward to Punk being on commentary the whole night.

I kind of laughed when Cody put the bag on Orton’s head. That looked silly. But okay, I REALLY cannot stand to listen to Cody right now. I seriously almost muted him. They also all look ridiculous wrestling in street clothes.

Ugh the Divas match. Terrible.

Hey, the Air Boom music is fun.

This RAW…I’m not feeling it. Too much attacking, predictable things that are supposed to be shocking, uncreative stuff…bleh. Also did they say PPV in two weeks?! At least Triple H running out at the end was kind of interesting.