Opening of RAW was interesting. I didn’t expect JR back so quickly (though I did expect him back at some point). I’m glad though. Also, does the crowd even understand what these people are saying?

I’m kind of bothered by a lot of what is going on with RAW right now. Like, why is Johnny Ace the GM? What happened to the anonymous GM? And last week, if HHH was sooo worried about the fans, why didn’t he sacrifice himself to step down so the wrestlers would come back? Obviously it didn’t end up mattering, but whatever. It just doesn’t make sense

Divas match ended up decent. I’m okay with Eve having a title match; certainly better than some of the alternatives.

Ahh, Miz is always a little off on his “you suck” timing and it hurts my ears. I still can’t get enough of CM Punk.
Okay, I really can’t understand half of what Laurinaitis says.

Hey, Mason Ryan spoke! Man, is he huge.

Main event was really good, I enjoyed it a lot. And Cole and JR had the perfect amount of involvement – very little. That really was good.