Only one week left of October, yikes! Seems like the PPV was interesting.

Wait, HHH is still the COO? I thought they kicked him out. I guess they actually just took him out of control of RAW? Anyway, I know the attack and injury are big and main parts of the storyline, but showing a replay three minutes after it happened is wasting my time….and then again 3 minutes later. Yes, ‘hospital’ is big and Nash’s crazyeyes are big, but come on, guys.

I am liking Sheamus more and more, but that Celtic Cross just freaks me out.

Fresh Prince reference, very nice. I like Cena’s new shirt. And the Muppets next week! Awesome, I love them.

Hm, so Mason Ryan has to save Santino. Whatever, at least Santino is still around – he’s entertaining!

HA. A dig at Ace’s voice out of nowhere. And then another one of those rants that is basically gold.

I’ve missed Wade Barrett. Pretty good match.

I thought Michael Cole was doing really well tonight until all the JR crap started. So, so unnecessary.

I could have done without Miz and Truth’s promo. I like Cena’s new shirt actually, it’s something I would consider wearing. Good move pairing Cena with The Rock, though. It’s a good way to get them together without having them really wrestle each other before ‘Mania.