Happy Halloween, everyone! I really wanted to go trick-or-treating hahaha. When I heard The Rock’s music I thought it would be someone dressed up as him. A couple years ago I dressed up as Hulk Hogan and it was damn good, if I may say so myself.

I honestly can’t even keep up with what PPV is coming next.

I love the Muppets. Ha, Sheamus and Beaker. Oh my gosh I hope the Swedish Chef shows up.

Santino on the mic! Thank goodness.

Oh right. Halloween means Divas. Their costumes really aren’t bad this year – they actually chose things they can wrestle in! I’m shocked. I would also honestly be more impressed with Eve’s standing backflip without the bootypop.

Tag match with Air Boom was really good, I enjoyed watching it.

I enjoyed the Ryder/Ziggler match as well. Sometimes going face-first into the turnbuckle doesn’t work so well, but Ziggler hit it beautifully. And really you can’t get better than Vickie.

So, yeah. Decent overall. I was kinda busy but it kept my attention okay.