November 2011

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend. I can’t believe it’s December in a couple days!

Roddy Piper. Awesome. For some reason I feel like he’s aged since we last saw him, but I could be imagining things. Did that crowd really just boo those tiny children? I mean, I’m not the most sympathetic to kids but come on. Um, I got a little lost during that promo honestly.

I can only imagine how much clothing tape is on the Bellas’ new ring gear.

Ziggler’s entrance music is gettin’ crazy. Good match, I’m glad they’re letting Ziggler shine a bit more.

Interesting promo with Daniel Bryan. Seems like he’s getting some support behind him which is nice, I’ve always liked watching him.

The Ryder/Swagger match was good. It wasn’t long but it went well and helped tell the beginning of a story.

I enjoyed Mick Foley’s poem.

Oh my gosh. The main event was SO good. I really wish I’d seen the match at Survivor Series. That spot with the chair and then immediately after especially were so good.

Almost Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a nice and safe holiday later this week. It’s one of my favorites!!

I didn’t watch Survivor Series, but I was pleased with the outcomes of the 2 matches I was invested in; I’m happy with Beth Phoenix retaining and very excited about CM Punk winning! I was also excited about the tag match as the main event, but more because it’s cool that The Rock is back than for the feud going. Anybody want to comment on how The Rock looked last night??

Maybe now they’ll change the belt though. Please??? It would be perfect. Man, Punk gets away with some stuff and I love it. I know there are writers and stuff, but I like to have my little moment of ignorance and think that he gets to say whatever he wants. Uh, hold up. Saying your WWE Champion can’t beat Dolph Ziggler, the US Champ, is BAD business, Mr. Ace. You can’t really ever talk down your champs like that, especially the biggest one. I dunno, I’m still not quite feeling the Laurinaitis stuff. It’s not just his heel persona, it’s the whole thing I’m just not into.

Well it’s good that WWE seems to be listening to the fans; a ton of people are cheering for Ryder and there he is in a match with a main eventer!

Hm, it’s probably not good when I see Nash backstage and dread hearing him speak. I’m not even sure what he said, partially because I wasn’t paying attention and partially because some words didn’t sound like words.

Cody’s new gear looks good. He sounded a little better in his promo as well.

I really liked the Ziggler/Punk match. Two of my favorites so I really couldn’t lose anyway, but WOW that was fun to watch.

Barrett and Kofi had a good match as well.

Aaaand boom goes the dynamite. Or at least the ‘Awesome Truth’ partnership. Can they please stop playing both of their spoken entrances then? It’s annoying. Anywho, I wonder if one of them is on the way to a face turn. I couldn’t tell you which could do it right now. Hm, they actually worked pretty well as a team though. We’ll see where this goes.

Really, is the harassment of JR necessary? It just makes Michael Cole annoying beyond the useful level. I do appreciate that Cole is willing to make an ass of himself though, it makes it more fun. Jerry Lawler did a good job holding down the table by himself during the whole ordeal. Punk’s face when Cole asked him to apologize will likely be one of the best parts of the night.

Mick Foley!!! I’ve read that he’s coming back, but I didn’t know when! So awesome.

So pleased that Cody’s mask is gone. He still sounds annoyingly drunk or something, but it’s a step in the right direction. Also I did catch bits and pieces of SmackDown this week…I see that WWE’s very, very lightly shrouded (as in, not at all) racism strikes again and they’ve created some kind of Hispanic gang. Where do they come up with this stuff, and how do they get away with it. Regardless of that, a match with these four guys has all kinds of promise, and I enjoyed it.

Now, I might be wrong here, but I feel like there are a lot of repeat matches at this PPV that were at the last PPV. Step it up!

I still like Ziggler a whole lot. I can’t say I have an opinion on Mason Ryan’s skills yet, but he is really huge. Also for some reason I think Morrison looks really odd wearing jeans and no shirt. I don’t know what it is.

“The Rock and Cena connection” made me laugh a little. Cena’s dad was pretty entertaining. Also I like Cena’s ability to stick in Shockmaster and Gobbledygooker stuff all the time. HA. I expected The Rock to interrupt, but I didn’t expect just a run in and hit Foley and leave! Well done. It kind of saved the whole segment honestly.

Divas match was short but that allowed it to be (mostly) good. But speaking of pointless, the Miz and R-Truth with Striker backstage?

I got a little distracted during the tag match, but what I saw was quite good.

I love Santino. Poor guy just gets beat up all the damn time.

I appreciate that Miz still flips the WWE symbol on the mic upside down. It’s a nice little touch. But The Rock!! He is so good. I have to say Cena was easily able to keep up with him. Miz did well, but resorting to the “really” in the middle kind of…wasn’t great. And Truth…eh.
I’d really like to see a promo with The Rock and CM Punk. That’d be FUN.

The opening of RAW was done well, I just really didn’t care about what they were saying.

The Morrison/Ziggler match was enjoyable. I think what was best was that they actually got time to be in the ring, it wasn’t rushed or cut short. And a clean finish! Nice.

I honestly forgot that JTG is still employed by the WWE. Er, not employed, “under contract with.” Sorry.

The promo with Punk and del Rio was pretty good. Asking Punk to cancel the match was kind of a lame pretext but other than that the guys made the most of it. Punk kind of outshines Del Rio on the mic, but it works out fine.

Divas did fine. Kevin Nash’s promo was alright. At the very least I like hearing his entrance music.

I’m getting annoyed with having to turn my TV up to hear John Lauranitis. Seriously, I’m not joking about this; I cannot hear him, and it is really frustrating. (Though I did hear him say, “Don’t make me take off my jacket” and it was entertaining!) I felt like Otunga was almost whispering, too. His coffee will have to come into play in some storyline down the road! haha

The main event was pretty good. I like Ryder in the ring, plus he looked like he was having fun and I like that.