The opening of RAW was done well, I just really didn’t care about what they were saying.

The Morrison/Ziggler match was enjoyable. I think what was best was that they actually got time to be in the ring, it wasn’t rushed or cut short. And a clean finish! Nice.

I honestly forgot that JTG is still employed by the WWE. Er, not employed, “under contract with.” Sorry.

The promo with Punk and del Rio was pretty good. Asking Punk to cancel the match was kind of a lame pretext but other than that the guys made the most of it. Punk kind of outshines Del Rio on the mic, but it works out fine.

Divas did fine. Kevin Nash’s promo was alright. At the very least I like hearing his entrance music.

I’m getting annoyed with having to turn my TV up to hear John Lauranitis. Seriously, I’m not joking about this; I cannot hear him, and it is really frustrating. (Though I did hear him say, “Don’t make me take off my jacket” and it was entertaining!) I felt like Otunga was almost whispering, too. His coffee will have to come into play in some storyline down the road! haha

The main event was pretty good. I like Ryder in the ring, plus he looked like he was having fun and I like that.