Really, is the harassment of JR necessary? It just makes Michael Cole annoying beyond the useful level. I do appreciate that Cole is willing to make an ass of himself though, it makes it more fun. Jerry Lawler did a good job holding down the table by himself during the whole ordeal. Punk’s face when Cole asked him to apologize will likely be one of the best parts of the night.

Mick Foley!!! I’ve read that he’s coming back, but I didn’t know when! So awesome.

So pleased that Cody’s mask is gone. He still sounds annoyingly drunk or something, but it’s a step in the right direction. Also I did catch bits and pieces of SmackDown this week…I see that WWE’s very, very lightly shrouded (as in, not at all) racism strikes again and they’ve created some kind of Hispanic gang. Where do they come up with this stuff, and how do they get away with it. Regardless of that, a match with these four guys has all kinds of promise, and I enjoyed it.

Now, I might be wrong here, but I feel like there are a lot of repeat matches at this PPV that were at the last PPV. Step it up!

I still like Ziggler a whole lot. I can’t say I have an opinion on Mason Ryan’s skills yet, but he is really huge. Also for some reason I think Morrison looks really odd wearing jeans and no shirt. I don’t know what it is.

“The Rock and Cena connection” made me laugh a little. Cena’s dad was pretty entertaining. Also I like Cena’s ability to stick in Shockmaster and Gobbledygooker stuff all the time. HA. I expected The Rock to interrupt, but I didn’t expect just a run in and hit Foley and leave! Well done. It kind of saved the whole segment honestly.

Divas match was short but that allowed it to be (mostly) good. But speaking of pointless, the Miz and R-Truth with Striker backstage?

I got a little distracted during the tag match, but what I saw was quite good.

I love Santino. Poor guy just gets beat up all the damn time.

I appreciate that Miz still flips the WWE symbol on the mic upside down. It’s a nice little touch. But The Rock!! He is so good. I have to say Cena was easily able to keep up with him. Miz did well, but resorting to the “really” in the middle kind of…wasn’t great. And Truth…eh.
I’d really like to see a promo with The Rock and CM Punk. That’d be FUN.