Almost Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a nice and safe holiday later this week. It’s one of my favorites!!

I didn’t watch Survivor Series, but I was pleased with the outcomes of the 2 matches I was invested in; I’m happy with Beth Phoenix retaining and very excited about CM Punk winning! I was also excited about the tag match as the main event, but more because it’s cool that The Rock is back than for the feud going. Anybody want to comment on how The Rock looked last night??

Maybe now they’ll change the belt though. Please??? It would be perfect. Man, Punk gets away with some stuff and I love it. I know there are writers and stuff, but I like to have my little moment of ignorance and think that he gets to say whatever he wants. Uh, hold up. Saying your WWE Champion can’t beat Dolph Ziggler, the US Champ, is BAD business, Mr. Ace. You can’t really ever talk down your champs like that, especially the biggest one. I dunno, I’m still not quite feeling the Laurinaitis stuff. It’s not just his heel persona, it’s the whole thing I’m just not into.

Well it’s good that WWE seems to be listening to the fans; a ton of people are cheering for Ryder and there he is in a match with a main eventer!

Hm, it’s probably not good when I see Nash backstage and dread hearing him speak. I’m not even sure what he said, partially because I wasn’t paying attention and partially because some words didn’t sound like words.

Cody’s new gear looks good. He sounded a little better in his promo as well.

I really liked the Ziggler/Punk match. Two of my favorites so I really couldn’t lose anyway, but WOW that was fun to watch.

Barrett and Kofi had a good match as well.

Aaaand boom goes the dynamite. Or at least the ‘Awesome Truth’ partnership. Can they please stop playing both of their spoken entrances then? It’s annoying. Anywho, I wonder if one of them is on the way to a face turn. I couldn’t tell you which could do it right now. Hm, they actually worked pretty well as a team though. We’ll see where this goes.